• 8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016

    8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016 There is only 2 months left in 2015. How is your business going so far? According to Event Farm, here are 8 trends for event marketing in 2016 you don’t want to miss. 1. The word“experience” is starting to replace “event” The word “experience” was mentioned more and more frequently….

  • Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques for Your Business

    Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques for Your Business As an important approach of digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) is invaluable to promote your business and improve your website’s ranking. Check out the top 5 most effective techniques for your business. 1. Keyword optimization First of all, keyword optimization, it is what actually makes…

  • Event Live Streaming – What You Can Achieve

    Event Live Streaming – What You Can Achieve Live Streaming allow you to emphasized the size of audience you want to reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. It can be utilized in so many other ways like hosting online meetings or spread awareness about your event. It also provide an opportunity for…


    We know your event landing page is the primary channel to communicate with your clients, as well as your most important marketing tool. To help you impress your guests and get them excited to register for your event, this article looks at 3 steps for you to make a visually-appealing event page with Evenesis.  1….

  • Event Websites: 3 Things to Change Now

    The event website is more important than ever in this digital age. But the context has changed, both in terms of technology and communication. If you are not concerned with marketing efficiency, no-shows at events or getting more business you can skip this post. #1: Your website is surrounded Yesterday, the website was pretty much…

  • 5 Ideas To Attract Crowd To Your Booth |Evenesis

    5 Ideas To Attract Crowd To Your Booth When attending exhibition, you always wondering what you can you do to attract people to your exhibition stand. Now we offers some simple tips that hopefully can help you pulling the crowd to your booth:   Tell People What You Want Feed the crowd with a clear…

  • How to Write a Blog after Your Event

    How to Write a Blog after Your Event? Sending delegates away, packing up all the stuff, your event is done? No! To maximize the visibility of your event, a post event blog is also very important as it enlarges your event influence, drives traffic to your blog and website, and serves as newsletter content and…

  • Photo Booth At Events: Yay or Nay?

    Photo Booth At Events: Yay or Nay? You may have seen it at some of the events that you attended and now you are wondering, “Should I have a photo booth at my event?”   If you want your guests to have fun and remember your event then the answer is a resouding “Yes!”, you…

  • Getting The Right Venue For Your Event

    Getting The Right Venue For Your Event Location The venue location is most crucial part for your event plan. You need to consider your guest, how they are going to get there, who are they and where are they coming from. A good location should have good transport links, enough parking space and if you’re…

  • 如何提高参会率?

    如何提高参会率? 无论是对于政府,企业机构还是活动策划公司,参会率是衡量一场活动成功与否的核心标准。那么,让我们一起看看如何做可以提高你的活动参会率吧。 第一步:搭建一个吸引眼球且具有针对性的活动网站 “这是一个看脸的时代”,互联网也是如此,拥有简洁漂亮UI的网站更易受到青睐。详尽的活动信息不仅让参会者全面了解活动本身,更能提升参会人对活动组织者的信任度。更重要的是,你要了解目标参会者的需求,让他们知道“你的活动有何不同”,“为什么要参加你的活动”,“参加你的活动的好处”。这样,更易将潜在的参会者转化为实际参会者。 第二步:简化注册步骤,应用优秀注册工具 简化报名的步骤,让你的参会者能自主并流畅地完成注册过程。此外,调查显示人们平均每天至少查看手机150次,这就意味着,拥有一个手机响应式的活动网站页面也是至关重要的。优秀的会议应用软件Evenesis拥有强大的搭建互动式活动网站、简化注册程序,参会者管理、票务管理等功能,为会议活动管理者节省了时间人力成本的同时,带来了更多的参会者和更高的会议回报率。 第三步:提供多种票价选择,抓住售票黄金期 人们都爱优惠,根据报名时间的不同制定票价激励提前注册和报名,可以吸引更多参会者。售票渠道开通后的一两周是票务销售迅速增长的阶段,另外一个黄金时间则是活动开始前的一两周,利用这个时机加大营销力度会收到不俗的效果,因为有些人就是习惯在最后一刻才做出决定。 第四步:有效执行网上营销策略 在互联网时代,用户活动的习惯有了深刻的变化,人们花在网络上的时间越来越多意味着越来越多的参会者存在于线上社区,线上营销依然成为的必不可缺的策略。在线广告优化,关键词投放、网络广告及内容营销策划等成为活动推广的重要手段。 第五步:常与你的参会者互动 与开发新的客户相比,已经存在于你的客户数据库是最直接最有效的潜在参会者。但是仅当有活动推广时才与客户沟通一定不是维护客户关系的良策。定时向客户更新他们相关的行业活动信息,生日祝福甚至是及时的感谢信都是活动组织者要需要坚持做到的,只有这样,你的客户才会知道你了解他们的需求,重视他们,而且知道你一直都还在。  

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