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5 Ideas To Attract Crowd To Your Booth

When attending exhibition, you always wondering what you can you do to attract people to your exhibition stand. Now we offers some simple tips that hopefully can help you pulling the crowd to your booth:


  • Tell People What You Want

    • Feed the crowd with a clear and concise information. Bring the right signage and explain to them your main aim for the show and ensure their objective is their objective too. This way, you will attract the right people and it will definitely make your job a lot easier.

  • Get The Right Look

    • Your stand will represent who you are. Determine your objective for the show – selling, marketing or corporate image. This is vital because your objective will determine the look and feel of your stand. Choose the right signage, bunting or any graphic material to boost your image.

  • Pick the Right People

    • This is the most crucial components that you need if you planned to join exhibition. Your team will be the one that create the bridge to let people come to your booth. Create a role for them. A hook or a spotter. The hook will be the one who attract people to the stand and he spotter will be the one who approach and brings them to your stand.

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

    • Whatever you do don’t blend into the dark backdrop. To attract the crowd, you must get recognize first. Use some props to create some gimmick or wear a quirky t-shirt that stand out. You also can do some games at your booth to create the attention. When people start gathering at your booth, other people will automatically come to find out what is happening – because of curiosity. Be different and people will notice you.

  • Spread the Words

    • After creating the great stand don’t keep it to yourself. Let the whole world know that you’re going to be at a particular event. Upload a banner in your website that looks like an invitation to customer to come and visit you at your booth. Use every channel you have to spread word. You also can send regular email updates in the week leading up to the show. Jon the event organizer marketing for the whole event and work closely with them to increase the publicity.

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