8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016

8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016

There is only 2 months left in 2015. How is your business going so far? According to Event Farm, here are 8 trends for event marketing in 2016 you don’t want to miss.

1. The word“experience” is starting to replace “event”

The word “experience” was mentioned more and more frequently. Thanks to the new marketing platforms and technological innovation, rather than engaging attendees at the event solely, event planners are creating more diverse experience before, during and after an event.

2. Importance of emotional connection between brand and consumers 

To build the brand awareness and loyalty, brands tend to provide consumers with experience in which they can actively participate and interact with. In this way, it increases the attendees’ likelihood to become more emotionally invested in the brand or product.

3. Understanding of psychology

Event markets tend to understand more about how people think and how things affect them emotionally.

4.  Importance of proving event ROI.

ROI continues to be the primary measure of their event effectiveness in 2016. However, many marketers are still unclear how they to prove their event ROI, including the key metrics to track and the technology available to do so.

5. Understand event with technology integration

Systems like CRM and marketing automation platforms not only eliminate time-consuming workloads, and also are used to better understand the event effectiveness.

6. Mobile event apps are on the rise

Mobile event apps will keep playing important role in eliminating event planner’s tedious processes and enhancing guest experience. Event software such as Evenesis streamlines planning process and the guest check-in process, which makes event planner’s live easier as well as delivering great experience to attendees. Check out this post to know the hot tech stuff in event industry.

7. The onboarding and integration process for event technology is still quite long

New techs do help event professionals more efficient, but it requires a lot of handholding, testing and learning as well. So, to maximize the investment and effectiveness, you might need to properly evaluate it.

8.  From spending money on “stuff” to “experiences”

Event marketing increasingly becomes the focus of brand, as part of their marketing strategy, since people tend to spend more money on the experience more than the “stuff”.

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