• Top 10 Most Romantic Places in South-East Asia for Your Wedding Proposal

    Are you looking for some of the best romantic places in South-East Asia to have your wedding proposal? This article will help you, becoming acquainted with 10 of the most romantic places in South-East Asia. Wedding is one of the most precious aspects in many people’s life. Be with someone whom you love so much…

  • evenesis loves valentine's day

    Valentine’s Day: Read How to Astonish your Sweetheart

    Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur to have your Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner Are you ready to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for you and your soul mate? If you are looking for the magic of your first days of love and really want to amaze him/her, just take a look at the following venues for your perfect Valentine’s Day…

  • Best Venues for Kids’ Parties in Kuala Lumpur

    Best Venue for Kids’ Parties in Kuala Lumpur Kids’ parties is big and serious deal. It has to be fancy, loud, happening and the most important is memorable. We have some good news for parents out there. It’s no longer a hassle to find a correct venue for your kids’ party in KL. Here we…

  • Getting The Right Venue For Your Event

    Getting The Right Venue For Your Event Location The venue location is most crucial part for your event plan. You need to consider your guest, how they are going to get there, who are they and where are they coming from. A good location should have good transport links, enough parking space and if you’re…

  • Let Event Organizers Find Your Venue Quickly

    If you have a space, a room or a venue that could accommodate event organizers, wouldn’t you want it to be discovered immediately?

    Here’s our story behind the first venue matchmaker app in Malaysia called Venueville, built to solve event organizers’ pain.

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