How to Write a Blog after Your Event

Update Your Blog After Your Events

Sending delegates away, packing up all the stuff, your event is done?


To maximize the visibility of your event, a post-event blog is also very important as it enlarges your event influence, drives traffic to your blog and website, and serves as newsletter content and great marketing material for your event in the future.

So how to write your post-event blog? You probably want to know these tips.

  1. Write and publish the post within 2 days after your event:

    Schedule your time to write the post even before the event and publish it as soon as possible. A post-event report and post are most useful within 2 days after the event. The fresher the posts, the more readers you’ll have.

  2. Write the overall report and sharing posts:

    What to write?

    It’s pretty much depending on the type of your business and events. You might want to write a report which includes event overview description, event feedback and thanks to attendees, sponsors and partners. Or write a post focusing on one unique insight, a new idea or meaningful quote from the event. And remember, for the sharing posts, write in a storytelling way.

  3. Link the related materials along with the text:

    Before publishing your report or post, take a moment to think about what else you can share with your audience. It can be a featured speaker’s slides (if you got the permission), a photo gallery with the high-quality images you captured at the event and the links of highlighted audio and video recorded.

  4. Share the post via whatever social media channels:

    Once you have written your post, you can use it as your newsletter content as well. More importantly, make sure to share it in all social media platforms or networking websites, because it will serve as great material for marketing your event in the future and improve your site’s SEO.

Share the event post via social media

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