Seamlessly Blend In-Person and Virtual Events with Evenesis' Hybrid Event Platform

Create an unforgettable event experience with Evenesis, the ultimate hybrid event platform in Malaysia that seamlessly integrates in-person, virtual events, and hybrid events.

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Complete Event Cycle

Our event registration software covers all aspects of event management from start to finish.

Localised Payment Gateways

Easily accept payments in local currencies for a seamless experience.

Latest Technology

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge event registration platform.

Broad Reach and Flexible Attendance

Attract a global audience with the option to participate in-person or virtually, catering to diverse preferences and extending your event’s reach.

Event Website

Creation of dynamic, engaging websites that serve as a central hub for information and interaction for both virtual and physical attendees of hybrid events.

Registration, RSVP, & Payment Gateway

Seamless integration of online and offline registration systems for hybrid events, including RSVP management and secure payment gateways that cater to both virtual and in-person participants.

Attendees Management

Comprehensive event management platform with tools that personalise the experience for both physical and virtual attendees, facilitating efficient tracking, engagement, and communication.

Enhanced Interaction and Quality Networking

Increase participation for all attendees using interactive technologies, and make it easier for participants, sponsors, and exhibitors to network across regions.

Live Q&A and Polling

Interactive features like live Q&A sessions and polling, are designed to engage both in-person and online audiences, encouraging active participation throughout the hybrid event.

Virtual Event Platform

Robust virtual platforms offer interactive and immersive experiences for online attendees, ensuring they feel as much a part of the event as those attending in person.

Lead Tracking App (Evelet)

Revitalise event lead management with Evelet: Effortless badge scanning and instant lead access. Download from the App Store or Google Play for streamlined engagement.

Event Mobile App

A versatile mobile app that provides easy access to event information, networking opportunities, and interactive features for attendees, regardless of their physical or virtual presence.

Business Matching

Explore seamless networking with Business Matching: Engage, form partnerships, and schedule with ease in a digital space of possibilities.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Make gatherings more economical and efficient by streamlining event management and cutting expenses for both hosts and attendees.

Facial Recognition Check-In

Robust virtual platforms offer interactive and immersive experiences for online attendees, ensuring they feel as much a part of the event as those attending in person.

On-Site Check-In & Badge Printing

Efficient on-site check-in systems with badge printing options, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for in-person and remote attendees at hybrid events.

Safety, Sustainability, and Experience

Organise unique, green events that combine digital and physical components, all the while maintaining safety and health by following health regulations.

Attendees Management

Comprehensive event management platform with tools that personalise the experience for both physical and virtual attendees, facilitating efficient tracking, engagement, and communication.

Facial Recognition Check-In

Innovative facial recognition technology for quick and secure check-in at physical venues, enhancing the safety and convenience of hybrid events.

Live Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Implementing live monitoring and contract tracing tools for the in-person aspect of hybrid events, prioritising attendee safety and health compliance.

Data Collection and Analytics

Collecting insightful data for future event improvement from both online and offline audiences.

data collection and analysis in an event

Event Analytics

Advanced analytics capabilities to gather valuable insights from both online and on-site participants, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance the event experience.

Making a Significant Impact Across Various Industries and Goals

Corporate Events and

Trade Shows and
Exhibition Organisers

Professional Conference Organisers

Destination Management Companies

Training Companies


Full-Fledged Solutions

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What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a type of event that combines both virtual and in-person elements. It offers the benefits of both worlds, providing attendees with the option to attend physically or virtually.

A hybrid event platform is a comprehensive solution that combines virtual and in-person elements of an event. It offers features such as event landing pages, registration, ticketing, payment processing, live streaming, and post-event analytics.

Evenesis provides a complete hybrid event platform with technical and on-site solutions for pre-event, during the event, and post-event management. It offers features such as event landing pages, registration, ticketing, payment processing, live streaming, badge printing, check-in solutions, QR scan and facial recognition, and post-event analytics.

A hybrid event offers benefits such as increased reach and attendance, reduced costs, greater flexibility, increased engagement, and better data collection and analysis.

Evenesis cares for the environment by providing eco-friendly solutions for sustainable events. It offers a carbon footprint calculator, sustainability-related features, and plants a tree for every event organised through its platform.

Evenesis offers solutions such as contact tracing and session tracking to ensure the safety of attendees during hybrid events. It also provides on-site and live stream options for attendees who prefer to participate virtually.

Evenesis offers features such as mobile-responsive registration forms and invites, comprehensive ticketing options, and various payment options for local and international audiences. It also provides RSVP invitation with one-click response and personalised invitations for attendees.

Evenesis provides a comprehensive lead tracking app for exhibitors to track and manage their leads during hybrid events. It offers real-time analytics and reporting to help exhibitors make informed decisions.

Evenesis can support up to 50,000 attendees at one time for a hybrid event. Its technical team has proven to provide various big Malaysian and international events seamlessly.

Evenesis offers features such as personalised invitations, professional registration experience, live streaming, and comprehensive lead tracking to help organisers make a lasting impression on attendees during hybrid events. Its technical and on-site solutions ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.


What our clients say

Yeo Wei Jie
Yeo Wei Jie
May 10, 2024.
Working with Kugan | Evenesis for our event registration and on-site support was an absolute breeze! Despite being based in a different country, their team demonstrated remarkable professionalism and efficiency throughout the entire process. From seamless online registration to flawless on-site execution, they ensured our event ran smoothly from start to finish. Their attention to detail and proactive approach truly set them apart. Highly impressed with their dedication and expertise in managing events remotely. Definitely aligned with our vision to enhance event experiences and break through geographical boundaries to connect people and ideas globally! Jay | Variety Communications | Singapore
Mohd Zaky
Mohd Zaky
May 6, 2024.
**Ease of Communication and Collaboration** From the initial consultation to the final execution, Evenesis maintained excellent communication and collaboration. Their team was responsive, proactive, and always available to address any queries or concerns. We worked seamlessly together to ensure that every aspect of the event was tailored to our specific client needs.
Asyraf Bustaman
Asyraf Bustaman
May 2, 2024.
We glad to have Evenesis as our registration platform for our Ask Minister Anything with YB Rafizi Ramli event. Wonderful support and glad to have Kuganeswaran to assist me from the onboarding until onsite & still continue to make sure closing goes well.
Alin Amira Saiful Rizal
Alin Amira Saiful Rizal
March 12, 2024.
Event: TalentCorp Women Career Convention 2024 Evenesis always making everything smoother. Their interface was slicker than a greased lightning, making sign-ups a breeze for attendees. Plus, their customer support? Top-notch! Always there to swoop in and save the day whenever we had a glitch or a question. We hit a few speed bumps along the way, like some minor hiccups with customization options. Despite these tiny quirks, I'd give 'em a solid thumbs-up. If you want your event to run like a well-oiled machine, they're your go-to crew.
March 10, 2024.
Hui Xin did a fantastic job with the lucky draw, and the registration process went smoothly. Her calm approach under pressure and the helpful crew made the event enjoyable for everyone. Great coordination and execution overall!💗
Reza Aiman
Reza Aiman
March 4, 2024.
Excellent provision of support for our NACS 2024 event which eventually lead to a seamless flow of the event. Special thanks to Kugan for always assisting us!
Fharelynne Ivonne Henry
Fharelynne Ivonne Henry
March 1, 2024.
The seamless integration of cutting-edge event technology of Evenesis made our event a resounding success.Registration processes were smooth and seamless. Evenesis delivered flawlessly. The user-friendly interface and robust features made our job easier. Kudos to the team for their unparalleled support and dedication to ensuring our event ran smoothly. Special thanks to Ragu for his relentless dedication and assistance throughout the period. If you're seeking a top-tier event technology service, Evenesis is the way to go. Five stars without a doubt!
Andee EH Yeo
Andee EH Yeo
February 28, 2024.
It has been such a refreshing experience engaging and working with Evenesis! Their events registration system, integrated with our payment channels, enabled us to take the worry out of data storage and processing. We're able to understand our delegates and ensure that their check-in process was as smooth as it could be. A big thanks to Mr. Kugan of Evenesis who ensured that all of our questions were answered and all our requests attended to promptly and very professionally. Thank you, Kugan and the Evenesis team.
Wai Soon Lee
Wai Soon Lee
February 28, 2024.
2nd year of using the registration portal and working with Shah He is experienced and knowledgeable with recommendations/solutions, attentiveness, supportive and friendly whenever helps are needed from him. HTT

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