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Comprehensive Event Management System for In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid Events. Enhance Experiences for Organizers, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors & Attendees.
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Customised and localised solutions designed for a better event experience.


Powered by passionate event and technology evangelists.


From planning to on-site support performed by a team of experienced professionals.


What our clients say

Yeo Wei Jie
Yeo Wei Jie
May 10, 2024.
Working with Kugan | Evenesis for our event registration and on-site support was an absolute breeze! Despite being based in a different country, their team demonstrated remarkable professionalism and efficiency throughout the entire process. From seamless online registration to flawless on-site execution, they ensured our event ran smoothly from start to finish. Their attention to detail and proactive approach truly set them apart. Highly impressed with their dedication and expertise in managing events remotely. Definitely aligned with our vision to enhance event experiences and break through geographical boundaries to connect people and ideas globally! Jay | Variety Communications | Singapore
Mohd Zaky
Mohd Zaky
May 6, 2024.
**Ease of Communication and Collaboration** From the initial consultation to the final execution, Evenesis maintained excellent communication and collaboration. Their team was responsive, proactive, and always available to address any queries or concerns. We worked seamlessly together to ensure that every aspect of the event was tailored to our specific client needs.
Asyraf Bustaman
Asyraf Bustaman
May 2, 2024.
We glad to have Evenesis as our registration platform for our Ask Minister Anything with YB Rafizi Ramli event. Wonderful support and glad to have Kuganeswaran to assist me from the onboarding until onsite & still continue to make sure closing goes well.
Alin Amira Saiful Rizal
Alin Amira Saiful Rizal
March 12, 2024.
Event: TalentCorp Women Career Convention 2024 Evenesis always making everything smoother. Their interface was slicker than a greased lightning, making sign-ups a breeze for attendees. Plus, their customer support? Top-notch! Always there to swoop in and save the day whenever we had a glitch or a question. We hit a few speed bumps along the way, like some minor hiccups with customization options. Despite these tiny quirks, I'd give 'em a solid thumbs-up. If you want your event to run like a well-oiled machine, they're your go-to crew.
March 10, 2024.
Hui Xin did a fantastic job with the lucky draw, and the registration process went smoothly. Her calm approach under pressure and the helpful crew made the event enjoyable for everyone. Great coordination and execution overall!đź’—
Reza Aiman
Reza Aiman
March 4, 2024.
Excellent provision of support for our NACS 2024 event which eventually lead to a seamless flow of the event. Special thanks to Kugan for always assisting us!
Fharelynne Ivonne Henry
Fharelynne Ivonne Henry
March 1, 2024.
The seamless integration of cutting-edge event technology of Evenesis made our event a resounding success.Registration processes were smooth and seamless. Evenesis delivered flawlessly. The user-friendly interface and robust features made our job easier. Kudos to the team for their unparalleled support and dedication to ensuring our event ran smoothly. Special thanks to Ragu for his relentless dedication and assistance throughout the period. If you're seeking a top-tier event technology service, Evenesis is the way to go. Five stars without a doubt!
Andee EH Yeo
Andee EH Yeo
February 28, 2024.
It has been such a refreshing experience engaging and working with Evenesis! Their events registration system, integrated with our payment channels, enabled us to take the worry out of data storage and processing. We're able to understand our delegates and ensure that their check-in process was as smooth as it could be. A big thanks to Mr. Kugan of Evenesis who ensured that all of our questions were answered and all our requests attended to promptly and very professionally. Thank you, Kugan and the Evenesis team.
Wai Soon Lee
Wai Soon Lee
February 28, 2024.
2nd year of using the registration portal and working with Shah He is experienced and knowledgeable with recommendations/solutions, attentiveness, supportive and friendly whenever helps are needed from him. HTT
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Seamless Event
Registration Solution

Built for modern event managers, our event registration system can deliver an efficient and swift process in registration management. Apart from being time-saving and cost-effective, our event management solutions also help automate promotional activities which can subsequently boost event attendance rate, maximise interest and build up the pre-event hype.

Skip the Line, Simplify Entry: Digital Kiosk Solutions

Transform your event entrance with Evenesis’s digital kiosks. Guests fly through registration with touch-screen simplicity, while you collect valuable data and gain real-time insights.

Simplify entry, personalize the experience, and elevate your event’s success.

Express Entry

Seamless Access

Personalized Touch

Data-Driven Insights


Explore Our Endless Event Solutions

Simplify your event process with our comprehensive all-in-one event management system.

In-person Event Management Solution

When it comes to assisting you on your in-person events, there is no task too big or request too small for our onsite support crew. At Evenesis, our team constantly strives to go above and beyond to ensure the success of your events.


Evenesis team strives to go above and beyond for our clients at every event. We are here to ensure your onsite attendee management is made easy.

Virtual Event
Management Solutions

Evenesis’s virtual event management platform allows you to host any type of virtual events such as conferences, webinars, workshops, awards/graduations and product launches.

With our virtual event management platform, organisers are able to sell event tickets, curate sessions with multiple breakout sessions, interact with your exhibitors/sponsors and even display your abstract posters. Our platform can cater to as low as 50 and as high as 10,000 attendees at a time.

Hybrid Event
Management Solutions

Hybrid event is the preferred way of organizing events in the future for the MICE industry. Hybrid events are a combination of in-person event and virtual event where attendees can also choose to experience the event from the comfort of their home via online platform.

Whether you are planning to organize an event in a hotel, at your own office or a studio, Evenesis has you covered.

The Numerous Benefits Offered by
Evenesis' Best Ever Management Software


Our event management software streamlines your event process, freeing up valuable time for your team to unleash their creativity and deliver extraordinary events.

Improved Communication

Centralised event management systems facilitate better communication and collaboration among team members, vendors, and stakeholders, leading to better coordination and smooth execution.

Risk Reduction

Our intuitive event planning software empowers your team to stay on top of every detail, from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and stress-free event planning process.

Cost & Time Savings

With our user-friendly platform, you can bid farewell to the hassles of manual work and confidently deliver flawlessly executed events that leave a lasting impact.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

With real-time access to event details and instant communication channels, your team of corporate planners will be well-equipped to work together effortlessly, making event planning a delightful experience.

Streamline Your Event Check-In with a Mobile App!

Unlimited Capabilities of Our Event Management Tools

Registration, RSVP &
Payment Gateway

With just a few clicks on our registration tools, participants can effortlessly sign up,

purchase tickets, and instantly receive confirmations and e-tickets. Handle participant registrations, RSVPs, and safe payments all from one platform. Embracing the convenience of online registrations, we ensure a stress-free ticket sales & registration experience for both event organisers and participants alike.


Our Attendee Management feature empowers event organisers to foster

meaningful connections with attendees. Keep tabs on attendees' journey through the registration process and effortlessly manage their contact information. Engage your audience like never before by effortlessly promoting your event, sharing exciting updates, and keeping them in the loop with every detail.


Our event management software doesn't just stop at event planning;

it's your dynamic partner that provides you with real-time analysis and reports. Imagine having a real-time tool that lets you see attendee engagement and event attendance including data such as demographics and interests unfold before your eyes! With our friendly interface, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions on the spot and fine-tune your event strategy as you go.

On-Site Check-In &
Badge Printing

With our cutting-edge event management features, we've created an unparalleled

check-in and badging experience that redefines event convenience. Streamline on-site check-ins, reducing wait times and impressing your guests from the moment they arrive. Create professional-looking branded badges for your attendees to give them a sense of belonging and exclusivity.


Create a customised event website that highlights your event in the best

possible light, attracting your audience from the first click. Make important event details easily accessible so that attendees may easily discover what they need.


Host interactive virtual events that encourage meaningful interactions

and collaboration. Break down geographical borders and allow participants from all around the world to participate and engage in your virtual event.

Facial Recognition

Our advanced facial recognition technology takes center stage, identifying attendees

within seconds based on their pre-registered images resulting in a streamlined check-in process like never before, leaving lines and delays behind.


Engage with your audience through real-time sessions, dynamic presentations,

and vibrant discussions, all from the comfort of their screens. Extend the magic with on-demand access to recorded sessions, seamlessly integrated with your event management for effortless registration, communication, and engagement.


Step into a world of seamless connections and opportunities with our Business

Matching feature. Engage in productive conversations, nurture partnerships, and schedule appointments effortlessly within a user-friendly digital space. It's not just networking; it's a journey of possibilities.

Live Q&A
and Polling

Create an immersive and dynamic event by encouraging audience engagement

through live Q&A sessions and polls. Collect immediate feedback from attendees, allowing you to address questions and adjust to their preferences on the fly.

Lead Tracking App

Elevate lead management at your event with the Evelet mobile app!

Simply scan visitors' badges to effortlessly capture leads, waving goodbye to rental costs for scanning devices. Access your leads in real-time during and after the event, and seamlessly export the list via email. Ready to dive in? Download Evelet from the iOS or Google Play store and step into a world of streamlined lead capture and engagement!

Mobile App

It's not just an app; it's a gateway to immersive event experiences.

Stay connected, stay informed, and even participate in polls and surveys for amplified engagement. Beyond the event, the app continues to be your go-to resource, offering on-the-go access to valuable content.

Who Needs Our Services?

event organizers for corporate events

Corporate Event Planners

Streamlines event planning workflows and project management, ensuring efficient coordination and execution.

Enhances communication and collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and vendors for successful corporate events.

Conference Management Software

Professional Conference Organisers

Facilitates seamless registration, ticketing, and attendee management, ensuring a smooth conference experience.

Empowers interactive engagement with features like live Q&A, polls, and virtual lobby for enhanced attendee interaction.

event organizers for trade show and exhibition

Trade Show and Exhibition Organisers

Efficiently manages exhibitor registrations, booth assignments, and floor plans, optimising exhibition logistics.

Offers a lead tracking app (Evelet) and interactive tools to engage exhibitors and attendees, fostering valuable connections.

Destination Management Companies

Coordinates seamless travel and event arrangements, ensuring a flawless and enjoyable destination experience.

Utilises virtual event solutions to engage clients remotely and offer virtual destination experiences.

Training Companies

Simplifies attendee registration, communication, and engagement for training sessions and workshops.

Provides interactive tools like live Q&A, chat, and polls to enhance participant involvement and learning.


Centralises communication, registration, event scheduling and association resources, fostering seamless member interaction.

Offers virtual event solutions for online meetings, conferences and engagement activities, promoting member collaboration.

Industries & Purposes We Serve

Corporate Events and

Tailored solutions for corporate event planning and attendee engagement.

Efficient management of large-scale conferences and workshops.

Trade Shows and

Tools for exhibitor registration, booth management, and lead retrieval.

Streamlined logistics handling for exhibitors and attendees.

Non-profit and
Fundraising Events

Donor management and fundraising campaign integration.

Event tracking to measure the impact and success of fundraising initiatives.

Educational and
Academic Events

Academic schedule management for universities and schools.

Online learning platforms for virtual conferences and webinars.

Social and Private

Personalised event planning features for weddings, parties, and celebrations.

Guest list management and RSVP tracking.

Corporate Events and

Tailored solutions for corporate event planning and attendee engagement.

Efficient management of large-scale conferences and workshops.

Trade Shows and

Tools for exhibitor registration, booth management, and lead retrieval.

Streamlined logistics handling for exhibitors and attendees.

Non-profit and
Fundraising Events

Donor management and fundraising campaign integration.

Event tracking to measure the impact and success of fundraising initiatives.

Educational and
Academic Events

Academic schedule management for universities and schools.

Online learning platforms for virtual conferences and webinars.

Social and Private

Personalised event planning features for weddings, parties, and celebrations.

Guest list management and RSVP tracking.

Full-Fledged Solutions

Evenesis helps you create an immersive
and better event experience for your audience.
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What is an event management software?

Event management software is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate various tasks involved in planning, organising, and executing events.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and in the context of event project management, it refers to the integration of various software modules to manage different aspects of event planning and execution. ERP in event management helps centralise data, streamline processes, and provide a comprehensive view of the event’s resources and performance.

The four elements of event management include:

a) Planning: Defining event objectives, creating a detailed plan, and setting event budgets.

b) Organization: Coordinating resources, vendors, and teams involved in the event.

c) Execution: Carrying out the event according to the plan and ensuring smooth operations.

d) Evaluation: Analysing the event’s success, gathering feedback, and identifying areas for improvement.

Event planning refers to the specific process of developing a detailed plan for an event, including logistical arrangements, timelines, and resource allocation. On the other hand, event management encompasses a broader scope, including the entire lifecycle of the event, from conception to post-event analysis. Event management involves the entire planning process, organisation, execution, and evaluation.

The five stages of event management are:

a) Research and Planning: Understanding the event’s purpose, and target audience, and creating a comprehensive plan.

b) Design and Development: Creating the event concept, selecting venues, and organising logistics.

c) Promotion and Marketing: Promoting the event to attract attendees and sponsors.

d) Execution and Operations: Managing the event on the day(s) it takes place, including all activities and services.

e) Evaluation and Analysis: Assessing the event’s success, collecting feedback, and identifying areas for improvement.

Yes, Evenesis’ modern event management software solutions can handle both virtual and hybrid events. Our event management platforms offer features like virtual event registration, attendee engagement tools, live streaming capabilities, and virtual exhibitor booths, making it easier for organisers to manage online and hybrid events seamlessly.

Yes, our event management software can generate comprehensive reports and analytics for event performance. These reports may include attendee data, registration numbers, engagement metrics, revenue figures, and other key performance indicators. Event organisers can use this data to evaluate the event’s success, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions for future events. With our complete event management platform, we can:

  • Serves as your dashboard and control centre for monitoring and tracking the progress of your event
  • Provides real-time information on ticket sales, check-in figures, email responses, and so on
  • The reports can be accessed and shared across numerous devices.
  • Retrieves detailed data and exports it to Excel.

For more information on the kind of data that Evenesis tracks, please visit

Evenesis Honored with MySTI Recognition

We are thrilled to announce that Evenesis (Y Us Sdn Bhd) has been recognized with the prestigious MySTI certification, marking a pivotal milestone in our journey to revolutionize the Malaysian digital landscape. This esteemed recognition aligns perfectly with our unwavering commitment to driving technological advancements and fostering innovation within the nation.

MySTI Program empowers local technology and innovation commercialization. It identifies R&D products and services with the MySTI logo, granting them priority in government procurement.  Read more...

Enhance Your Event Experience
with Evenesis

Trusted by hundreds of global leaders, we’re more than just an event platform. Whether it is virtual events or in-person events, we will be a partner who has your back in your event success to help you drive sustainable business growth.

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