Getting The Right Venue For Your Event

Getting The Right Venue For Your Event


The venue location is most crucial part for your event plan. You need to consider your guest, how they are going to get there, who are they and where are they coming from. A good location should have good transport links, enough parking space and if you’re doing a multi-day event, it should be nearby hotels for accommodation. Another thing you need to consider is the traffic around the area, if the location is in the city where there will definitely be heavy traffic during the peak hour, make sure the place has a good transportation link.


Have you ever been to an event where you feel there’s a sense of emptiness even though the place have a lot of people? I’m sure you have, and this is why the venue size and capacity must be just right. If the venue is too small it will be overcrowded and if it is too big the place will feel empty and under-attended which will give the impression of an unsuccessful event. Every venue has its own capacity and we suggest that you aim slightly under the capacity limit.

Services and Amenities

It is important to take into consideration the services and amenities that venue offers. Does the venue provide catering to your event? If yes, this will be great as most venue that provide this service usually have a package which will help you to save money. However if they don’t have it, they probably have partnership with a food provider and if you want to use your own vendor make sure they allow outside catering. Other than food, some venue offers tables, chairs and linen which will save you a great deal of money too. Other things you may need to consider are; will they provide setup/cleaning crew or do they have AV capabilities.


Finding a right venue is just a tip of an iceberg and we suggest you find it as early as possible. Getting a venue early will give you plenty of time to think about the floor plan or at least provide you the rough idea how the event should looks like. Make note of important things such as power outlet and where AV equipment is or can be located. However the layout of the floor plan needs to consider the flow of traffic (where is the registration, what areas wil be high traffic at the event, entrance and exit door). Consider all of these things as it will affect greatly on your event.


Pay really good attention to the decoration of the venue. You don’t want your gala event to look or feel like an expo. Match your type of event and the decoration of the venue. The more ambiance matches the desired feeling of your event the less decorating you need to do.

These are just a few important points you need to consider when choosing a venue. We know finding the right venue is hard and time consuming. Going from one venue to another can worn you out. So, why not before visiting any venue go to online venue finder like our very own Venueville ( to save your time and energy. We have over 700 listed venues for you to choose from!

“VENUEVILLE is a venue portal that connect venue owners and event organizer. To this date we have about 800 venues listed in our portal and what makes this portal great is that some of the venue you never thought the place can be rent out for private event.”

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