Personifying Brand via Event

Meet up could be informal

Personifying Brand via Event

Seth Godin says the best way to do marketing these days is through creating your own crowd. Like-minded people will normally attach to one another simply because they share some degree of common elements. In a nutshell, Seth Godin is saying that if you want to market your stuffs, you must sell it to your tribe.

Event can be a tool for any marketer to create their brand’s followers. Marketers, equipped with thorough understanding about their brands, can organize events that suit the intellectual appetite of their brands followers. People are constantly looking for high quality and genuine interaction, which mostly revolve around worthy cause.

Charity events could garner more sup

For example, some brands in Kuala Lumpur who are supportive in empowering single mothers as part of their CSR activities use events to help increase awareness about women economic independence or women entrepreneurship. Others could be helping the less fortunate people through their charity deeds. Another example like DiGi that targets young customers as their target market in telecommunication, created events like OctTwtFest to attract young followers.

You too can start organizing small meetups for your own brand. Get a few people who share the same mind to meet somewhere and start talking to them. Slowly things will snowball into something bigger. Remember, if your brand holds on to a bigger cause than the brand itself, most likely your small meet up event will grow into something big. You will start pulling people to come to your event. The followers will increase. This is good for the brand. This is a good thing for the local community. And this is the best tribe for you to communicate about your brand.

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