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    10 Commandments of Corporate Event Planning – Evenesis Blog

    Those who have extensive experience with the world of corporate event planning know just how much it takes to organize and execute a great event. We took it upon ourselves to distil this knowledge into 10 commandments that every event planner must follow. Make no mistake, these are much more than tips or well-meant advice;…

  • Icons for graphics seo and web design

    Event Management: Guide for Inbound Marketing Campaign

    Even though the concept of inbound marketing is fairly simple – offer high-quality content that draws the attention of prospects and turn them into customers – many attempts at its execution fail short in one way or another. Why? Because marketers find themselves lost in the sea of overly complicated strategies, obscure tips, and blatant…

  • 3 Features an Event Planner Should NOT Have

    Like all the professions involved in a public dimension, also the event planner has to be able to distinguish between a part of work that is made visible on the outside, and another part that remains “submerged” and should not be perceived by the participants of the event. Unfortunately, the glamorous part (nice parties, brilliant conversations, interesting people) belongs…

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    How can you Transform your Event in a Unique Experience for Your Audience?

    A career in event management is not for a person who is in love with his/her sleep. It surely entails a lot of hard work, topped with long working hours, usually in the days nearing the event. However, if you are really passionate about your job, you won’t really mind. It’s all worth it when…

  • The Importance of Building Brand Awareness with Events

    Strong brands are created through the delivery of consistent, relevant and distinctive messaging, imagery and experiences to specific markets. Events have become powerful tools in the arsenal of event managers, and when these events are marketed, it can provide a unique experience for any brand seeking recognition. The event itself allows brands to engage in…

  • Job Interview in Event Planning - 10 Golden Rules to Success

    10 Golden Rules for a Successful Job Interview in Event Planning

    Job Interview in Event Planning – 10 Golden Rules to Success Event planning can be perceived as a simple and glamorous job but, actually, it requires experience, preparation and good selling skills. Even if you think to be perfect for that role (because of your deep knowledge of this sector), your attitude during the job…

  • “Free Sample Power” in Event Management

    We live in a “something for nothing culture”, even as the economy bites, not only for businesses, but also for consumers. As businesses look to entice customers back into spending, it is now common to see sale signs spring up: special offers go on the increase and, more generally, free samples being offered. Although it…

  • 7 Event Marketing Trends to Drive Attendee Engagement

    We have all experienced running a bad event at one point in our lives. Well, the one that everything from the start till the end are not well organised. Learned from the events that were well organised and efficient, we found the way to success is to focus on your efforts on attendee engagement. For…

  • Why You Should Start An Event Blog

    Why You Should Start An Event Blog?

    Why You Should Start An Event Blog? If you are an event organizer, you probably realized that blogging can be an useful tool to reach your target audience. In this Era, it is quite easy to start blogging, you can sign up in any blogging platform like WordPress as a host for your blog. Never…

  • event planning

    Top 5 Event Planning Mistakes

    Top 5 Event Planning Mistakes Successful event planning requires a 100% devotion to details. One small mistake might cause disaster. These common mistakes are easy to avoid but can affect your event and brand if you ignore them. Check out the TOP 5 mistakes you should avoid in event planning now. #1 NOT CHECKING THE…

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