10 Golden Rules for a Successful Job Interview in Event Planning

Job Interview in Event Planning - 10 Golden Rules to Success

Job Interview in Event Planning – 10 Golden Rules to Success

Event planning can be perceived as a simple and glamorous job but, actually, it requires experience, preparation and good selling skills.

Even if you think to be perfect for that role (because of your deep knowledge of this sector), your attitude during the job interview can be the turning point of the selection of the right candidate.

This is the reason why a face-to-face meeting is a crucial step during the hiring process of an event planner.

So, how do you usually impress your job interviewer?

If you want to effect a depth change in your professional career, these 10 golden rules will help you to make the difference in the next interview.


# 1 Make a Good Impression from the First Moment

Some interview questions start with the phone call/email. If you are not in the right situation to speak clearly and without any interruption, say it frankly and postpone it.

If you are scheduling the meeting through emails, take care of the formal phrases (from greetings to the closing formula) and be on time in answering.

# 2 Analyze and Study

Gather as much information as possible about the company, attending the events they run, studying the website, simulating the purchase of a ticket and looking at the social media pages.

Try to speak with someone who has worked there, in order to better understand the values and the style of past events.

Prepare your answer for possible interview questions from event coordinator and manager perspective.

# 3 Know your Resume by Heart

If you want to be chosen by your interviewers, you should know exactly what they are looking for and answer their interview questions with confidence to step up your position as the best candidate for this position.

So, be prepared to explain your past experience as an event planner (if you have), what you learned from this job and how you can add value to the company.


# 4 Be On Time

Simply fundamental: never be late!

Especially for an event planner, since the position you are applying for requires extensive organization, time management and organization skills, you have to demonstrate you are able to manage your time.

In case of unforeseen difficulty and a delay of more than 5-10 minutes, warn who is waiting for you. When you arrive, apologize but don’t give too much space to this with all the details.

# 5 The Importance of Body Language

As we told in the previous article, body language is essential since, when you are selling yourself, it affects as much as your words.

If you plant your feet on the ground and hold your head level, you’ll appear grounded, confident and in control. Try to maintain light eye contact with your interlocutor for all the duration of the interview.

# 6 Be prepared

Due to its own nature, the event management sector requires a good ability to address and manage difficulties.

Be prepared to all the interview questions from event coordinator or manager, like;

What have you learned from mistakes on the event planner job?

How well do you manage your time and handle stressful situations?

What do you view as the most difficult struggles of an event planner?

Can you describe your typical work week?

# 7 Be enthusiastic

You are applying for a position in the event management sector, which is one of the most dynamic and exciting sector ever!

Therefore, show enthusiasm for the role by smiling and leaning slightly forward.

In this way, you demonstrate that you’re truly interested in the job and the interviewer will be positively impressed.

# 8 Dress for success

Even if most of the time the right attire depends on the company, the context and the position, in this sector you have to be formal and elegant.

We recommend a two-piece suit, white shirt, tie and wingtip shoes for men.

For women, choose between a pantsuit or skirt suit, a blouse that’s not too frilly or low-cut, neutral hosiery and mid-heel pumps.

# 9 Bring With You all the Documents Required

As a future event planner, you must be able to handle unanticipated circumstances at any time.

So, bring with you all the documents, certificates, references and job description that can be helpful for you during the job interview.

Remember to print two or three resumes: you could be interview by different people in different moments.


# 10 Write a brief summary of the interview

The same day of the job interview, note down the answer you liked most and the ones you want to improve, in order to propose again your strengths and fine-tune your weaknesses.


Are you an expert in this field and want to add something? Or you have just done a job interview and you have something to say?

We would be pleased to receive your feedback!

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