7 Event Marketing Trends to Drive Attendee Engagement

We have all experienced running a bad event at one point in our lives. Well, the one that everything from the start till the end are not well organised. Learned from the events that were well organised and efficient, we found the way to success is to focus on your efforts on attendee engagement. For you, an event marketer, here’s 7 event marketing trends to drive attendee engagement.

#1 Smart Registration

Nowadays event marketer understands the potential goldmine of a start registration process, which became one of the hottest trends in attendee engagement today. During event registration process, marketers have the opportunity to show invitees they are known already and to get to know them even more.

#2 Personalized Agendas

Personalization is a huge topic among marketers of all types. And today’s event marketers are getting in the game. Giving attendees the ability to access personal schedules and relevant information from their mobile phones means less confusion at the event. and a more meaningful and engaging all-around experience.

#3 Session Recommendations

Truly engaging events is rarely a crowded affair. When the goals of attendees are as unique as each individual, smart event marketers are finding value in guiding attendees to the sessions and contents that will attract them. This helps ensure attendees leave your event feeling more fulfilled and satisfied.

#4 Mobile Check-in

Stop using the traditional way where everything are written in a paper. Up to date marketers will transform the event check-in to deliver a great first impression and to have better engage attendees with a streamlined, hassle-free process.

#5 Event Mobile Apps

People nowadays expect to be able to access everything that they need directly from their mobile devices. That is why event mobile app is one of the hottest trends in attendee engagement. Today’s apps are beyond standard fare to include access to personalized agendas, content recommendations, participation tools, the ability to interact and connect with other attendees, and many more.

#6 Live Q&A

Giving them the correct directions for participants’s questions whenever they ask will always be a plus point to win their heart!

#7 Interactive Content

Last but not least, talking about something boring will definitely turn you attendees down. Built a two way conversation, using interactive content to engage attendees on the spot and break through the noise.

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