“Free Sample Power” in Event Management

We live in a “something for nothing culture”, even as the economy bites, not only for businesses, but also for consumers. As businesses look to entice customers back into spending, it is now common to see sale signs spring up: special offers go on the increase and, more generally, free samples being offered.

Although it is easier for a product based company to offer free samples, there has been an increase in service providers offering something called ‘freebies’. At this juncture, the spotlight is turned on event management, as event planners try to attract truck load of customers using the power of free samples.

Giving people incentives to use your service is incredibly powerful, and this strategy is not excluded in event management. In event planning, client matter, and it would not be out of place to give something back to those who have invested so heavily in your business: it doesn’t only strengthen your relationship with existing customers, but increases your reach to potentially new ones.

When an event management outfit offers a free product or service, consumers are engaged with your business, interaction is increased, and the awareness of your brand becomes bigger. Social networking sites can play a significant role in your campaign.  When you offer a free product or service on a social networking site, it means that you can effectively target your desired audience, as well as reach a whole new range of customers you might never have considered before.

Sometimes event planners ignore the finer details and think that massive advertising campaigns, with all their glitz and glamour, are the way to attract customers. In some cases, this may be true, but in general, especially given the current economic climate, it is the personal touch that proves valuable in reaching consumers in business and event management.

Allowing customers to feel valued and wanted is the key to the success of your event management business. It’s what keeps them coming back; they learn to appreciate your brand image and embrace the attention to detail that you as an entrepreneur has put in place.

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