Top 5 Event Planning Mistakes

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Top 5 Event Planning Mistakes

Successful event planning requires a 100% devotion to details. One small mistake might cause disaster. These common mistakes are easy to avoid but can affect your event and brand if you ignore them. Check out the TOP 5 mistakes you should avoid in event planning now.


This is the most common mistakes all event planners have been doing for mostly EVERY outdoor event. Checking the weather forecast the day before your event and on the actual day of the event is something that you should not missed especially when your event is on a field! Well, organizing an event on a field can be very hipster and will also look good in picture but can you imagine how muddy the ground can be if it rains one day before? You probably don’t want your guests to be all covered in mud!



The weather is already a nightmare for every event, but parking can be the death for all your guests or even your event. Always always always find a venue that benefits your guest in many ways. Because unable to find a parking will always be a major turn off. Especially when your event venue is located in the city with bad traffic and few parking space!



Providing address or maps to your guests won’t guarantee them that they won’t get lost because sometimes using GPS can go wrong too! Avoid this issue by having signs that can be easily direct your guests to the event space without getting lost.



Not checking the bathroom’s cleanliness before starting the event should not even be happening in any event! Because dirty bathroom reflects badly on you and your event. Remember to occasionally checking the bathroom when the event is going on because you want your event to be memorable but not in a bad way.



This has always been a mistake that is repeated mostly by all planners. Getting the information about capacity limit of a venue is important because you surely do not want your guests to feel like they are sitting in a sardine can. Besides, by having over limited guests can be dangerous if accident happen.

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event planning

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