3 Features an Event Planner Should NOT Have

Like all the professions involved in a public dimension, also the event planner has to be able to distinguish between a part of work that is made visible on the outside, and another part that remains “submerged” and should not be perceived by the participants of the event.

Unfortunately, the glamorous part (nice parties, brilliant conversations, interesting people) belongs to the public dimension that is only the tip of the iceberg. This part is infinitely smaller than the mountain hidden below the surface.

Here you can find a list of behaviours you should avoid to be a great event planner.

  • Don’t Be Late!

This is the first lesson you learn when you start this job. The details that you need to take into account are so numerous and variable that working in advance on every single aspect of the organization is the only viable option. The ability of make long-term programs and follow an entire project from the beginning to the end is essential for those who want to work with events: in advance means on time, on time means too late, delayed means disaster!

  • Hide Anxiety and Worries

Planning an event may involves many problems that result into anxiety and worry. Even if you have the impression of not being able to face everything, your colleagues and guests don’t have to perceive this. Try to disguise your concerns and reassure everybody: everything is under control!

If you are that kind of person whose feeling are written on your face, can be hard to succeed as an event planner. Work on this!

  • Are You a “Prima Donna”?

Do you really like being the center of attention? We suggest you to change the point of view! This is a crucial point, since the footlights are not focus on you.

In some situations, you may be required to introduce guests, speakers or entertainers of the event but, even in that case, the attention will be focused on you as little as possible. The focal point of an event must invariably coincide with the value that makes it unique and you have to do as much as you can to make it happen.

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