The Importance of Building Brand Awareness with Events

Strong brands are created through the delivery of consistent, relevant and distinctive messaging, imagery and experiences to specific markets. Events have become powerful tools in the arsenal of event managers, and when these events are marketed, it can provide a unique experience for any brand seeking recognition. The event itself allows brands to engage in a high-touch environment where deeper connections between brands, prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners can be forged.

A well-planned and executed event can increase brand value, grow profit, build market share by creating a stronger and more meaningful connection between a brand and its audience. A poorly planned event can cause severe damage to a brand.

This guide is intended to help both event planners and marketers understand the importance of the brand and customer loyalty as a driving factor in event management.

Branding an event has the following importance:

  1. Setting it up for success

When you brand an event, you’re invariably propelling it for success. Coming up with a name, color, logo and messaging specific to the event will stand out from the competition and make it more relevant and meaningful to your audience. The best events are the ones with a recognizable brand which also reflect positively on the organization.

  1. 2. Promoting

In event management, events and meetings enable event planners to deliver directly a brand message and experience to participants in a high-touch environment. One of the reasons organizations invest in creating a memorable and customized event brand is to give the general public a positive impression about the company or product brand. The best-in-class event brings to the fore additional channels through which an organization communicates with their audience. Read the best tips to get promote your event with social media.

  1. Creating brand synergy

Having an active event brand creates that opportunity for owners of event to be the cynosure of relevant sponsors and exhibitors. Event organizers can have such a successful event brand that other organizations are willing to pay a premium to be associated with it. Strong brands can command a premium price, and the net effect pushes the brand to a higher level.

On the other hand, the purposes of building customer loyalty through events are:

  • Encouraging referral
  • Bringing about a repeat business
  • Business insulation from competitor
  • Reduced cost

Building brand value around an event involves the development of three things: the creative aspect, the messaging aspect and the creation of one-of-a-kind experience. These three principal components should interact well together and attract the key audience and sponsors. Event management can make it possible to cover everything that a marketer and event planner need to project the brand image consistently.


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