• Facebook adds

    How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Event

    Facebook has turned from a simple way to converse with colleagues into the most powerful online marketing tool for business. It continuously grows by adding more features, and currently it already offers quite a lot of business or event-specific functions, such as pages for groups and charities. Apart from being a popular service for users…

  • How to Measure Event Effectiveness

    The importance of events as an integral part of a marketing campaign is hard to deny: they can drive leads for sales, help you establish professional partnerships and create a personal connection with audiences and clients. The difficult part is justifying the associated expenses and measuring the event effectiveness. It is paramount to come up…

  • event promotion via social media

    Events Get Social:Promote Your Event with Social Media

    The Best Tips to Get More People to Your Event Using Social Media Do you work in event management? Do you want to stand out in the organization of your upcoming events? Do you desire to gain exposure through social media? So, you are in the right place! We are going to reveal you some good tips to…

  • 7 Event Marketing Trends to Drive Attendee Engagement

    We have all experienced running a bad event at one point in our lives. Well, the one that everything from the start till the end are not well organised. Learned from the events that were well organised and efficient, we found the way to success is to focus on your efforts on attendee engagement. For…

  • Why You Should Start An Event Blog

    Why You Should Start An Event Blog?

    Why You Should Start An Event Blog? If you are an event organizer, you probably realized that blogging can be an useful tool to reach your target audience. In this Era, it is quite easy to start blogging, you can sign up in any blogging platform like WordPress as a host for your blog. Never…

  • 4 Steps to Make Your Event Invitation Stand out

    4 Steps to Make Your Event Invitation Stand out Email is regarded as one of the most effective ways to invite event guests, though the results of an email invitation can be very hit or miss. Some emails are never opened. Others are, but don’t convert to event sales. So how to make your event…

  • How to Get More Online Event Registration in Malaysia ?

    How to Get More Event Registration? What measures event success at the end of day? Of course, the number of registration! Every day, event planners scratch their heads how to get more registration. Let’s scratch heads together! 1. Get an informative and targeted event landing page Besides the basic info, identify who your targeted attendees…

  • 8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016

    8 Trends for Event Marketing in 2016 There is only 2 months left in 2015. How is your business going so far? According to Event Farm, here are 8 trends for event marketing in 2016 you don’t want to miss. 1. The word“experience” is starting to replace “event” The word “experience” was mentioned more and more frequently….

  • Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques for Your Business

    Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques for Your Business As an important approach of digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) is invaluable to promote your business and improve your website’s ranking. Check out the top 5 most effective techniques for your business. 1. Keyword optimization First of all, keyword optimization, it is what actually makes…

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