How to Get More Online Event Registration in Malaysia ?

How to Get More Event Registration?

What measures event success at the end of day? Of course, the number of registration! Every day, event planners scratch their heads how to get more registration. Let’s scratch heads together!

1. Get an informative and targeted event landing page

Besides the basic info, identify who your targeted attendees are, explaining “what makes your event different?”, “Why should people attend?”, and “What can people benefit from your event?” By doing do, it helps a lot to convert potential attendees to registrants!

2. Make your registration process smooth and mobile responsive

Ask your attendees to fill up the most important information you want. An over 2 page- registration form might get you lose potential attendees. And more importantly, make your registration page and event website mobile friendly as people are getting more active in their smart phones. Event registration & management solution like Evenesis delivers great registration experience with its user-friendly and mobile-friendly registration page.

3. Offer multiple types of ticket and seize the golden time to boost

People love incentives. Offering promotional pricings based on the time people purchase, to great extent, convince people to register earlier. Generally, sales boost at the first one or two weeks after event organizer open the registration. So does one or two weeks before the event day, since people just like to make the decision in last minutes.

4. Smartly plan online marketing

 If you have enough budgets, promote your event by spending on keywords and advertising. Fully utilize all of the social media platforms by running content marketing campaign. This post walks you through how to implement content marketing strategy in your events.

5. Talk to your fans consistently

 Consistently engaging with your database is the easiest and most efficient way to drive sales. But not just talk to them when you want to sell something to them. From time to time, sending greetings, festival wishes, newsletter, even prompt thank-you note is considered as a great way to keep relationship with your audience. Let your audience know that you are always there and you care about them. Evenesis – the most powerful event registration & management platform for all your event needs.


Evenesis – the most powerful event registration & management platform for all your event needs. Click to request a free trial or call us at +603 8992 3132.

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