• 10 Event Planning Fails Your Guests Hate

    I believe professional event planners learn from failure and do not repeatedly make mistakes. Failure leads you to a great learning experience; on the other side repeated mistakes just produce recurring upsets. The difference herein lies between failing out of control and consciously ignoring the aspects you know will even enrage your event guests or attendees….

  • online registration

    Top 6 Reasons to Use Online Event Registration

    As the event management industry keeps growing, the competition is bigger as well and that’s why the organizers have to raise their standards to a certain point if they want to continue being successful. Customers are already used to the highest quality standards and anything below a certain level can and will make them complain….

  • Tips writing an invitation email

    5 Tips for Writing an Invitation Email

    Writing an invitation email is highly underrated but it is an important aspect of successful event management. Creating an invitation that is impactful is a difficult task. Some of the tips presented below can help you: #1. One Invitation Never Works A single invitation for everyone never works effectively. The first invitation should be about…

  • International Events Tips

    International Events : 6 Tips Event Marketers Should Know

    The increasing interconnectedness due to technology means that almost all the large events held today are global. However, there are few quirks to successfully managing an international event. Read below for some of the most important aspect of international events and how event marketers should handle them effectively. #1 – Managing the Time Zone Difference…

  • Basics for Event

    5 Basics For A Modern Day Event

    Want to make most out of your events? Internet offers some amazing tools that weren’t available decades ago. These tools will make your life easier and provide extra boost for your event. Let’s start with the basics of getting successful in the world of events. Online Sales of Tickets You might be scared by the…

  • Hashtag for event

    How to Use a #Hashtag at Your Event

    From the relative obscurity in the telephone sets to the top of the social media buzz, the journey travelled by hashtag is truly spectacular. Even inside Twitter, the evolution of the sign from a basic functionality tool to one of most effective way to promote events and functions has been spectacular. Listed below are some…

  • What and How to Eat During Long Events and Meetings?

    Meetings, conferences and any long event can be tiring and challenging for any individual. These events can be long, stressful and very demanding. As a participant, you must take care of what you eat during the events. Right food will help you maintain your energy level and capacity to pay attention. Eating correctly during events…

  • ending a presentation

    The 3 Most Powerful Ways to End a Presentation

    Whether you are presenting to your colleagues, or speaking at a large event—the way you end your presentation is a critical factor in the success of the message you have just delivered. Your ending is just as important as your opening — it’s your lasting impression on your audience, your final words of wisdom. Your…

  • Social Media for Events

    Social Media for Events, How to Do it & Do it Well

    Social Media is undoubtedly the best place to create a buzz around any event. Whether it is a humble local event or a mega convention or a concert, Social Media definite can act as one of the biggest stage for advertisement. The interaction on the social media will help you understand the audience better. All…

  • Controlling Your Wedding Costs [infographic]

    Getting a great and magical weeding ceremony is a dream for every brides and grooms. Especially the brides. Of course, they want the wedding to be great, memorable and epic. Well, it’s the biggest day of their life! With the dress, suit, venue, guests, food and not to mention, the ring! All of these will…

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