5 Basics For A Modern Day Event

Basics for Event

Want to make most out of your events? Internet offers some amazing tools that weren’t available decades ago. These tools will make your life easier and provide extra boost for your event. Let’s start with the basics of getting successful in the world of events.

Online Sales of Tickets

You might be scared by the sound of it, but online tickets are not exclusively for big guns. Not anymore. Taking payments on the door or selling printed tickets are great methods to raise money. But why not offer your customers opportunity to get their tickets online? Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets, revolutionise the way you sell and manage tickets for your events with easy to use system. Evenesis is all you need. Evenesis is a complete online ticketing system and event registration solution for anyone hosting an event.

Monetize the Ticket

Offering a space on the ticket to the sponsors is one great way to monetize your ticket. Besides, placing the logo of your event on the ticket can take the branding one step further and establish a strong rapport.

Using Facebook as a Place to Sell

It goes without saying that any event worth its salt has a Facebook page these days. As long as you consistently provide enough valuable content on your Fan Page wall, you can certainly periodically promote the direct link to your registration site. Your Fan Page already has the potential customers, so it makes sense to take the ticket sales to them.

Offer Incentives for Early Registrations

Early-bird discounts are a must for priming early registrations for many business-related events. Consider giving away special prizes, discount coupons or other value-adds to people who sign up early.

Build a Customer Database

After all the toil you’ve done to get the people to your events, it would be an absolute waste not to build up an email database. The database can be used in future events. Be sure to send these contacts a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your list. Do not let the database fall into wrong hands. Your competitors can have significant benefit if they get a hold to your customer database.

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