The 3 Most Powerful Ways to End a Presentation

ending a presentation

Whether you are presenting to your colleagues, or speaking at a large event—the way you end your presentation is a critical factor in the success of the message you have just delivered. Your ending is just as important as your opening — it’s your lasting impression on your audience, your final words of wisdom. Your opening grabs people’s attention; your ending leaves them in awe.

Turn to the 3 powerful methods below to leave a long-lasting impression.

Present a Challenge

Now that you have imparted new information to your audience, it is your time to challenge them to put what they have just learned into action. Do this by providing a few examples of relevant challenges for the topic at hand—which can include a creative call to action.

For example: “I’m sending around the volunteer forms, please sign up to help with one or two of our important fundraisers this year “


Share a Quote

Another memorable way to wrap things up, is to share a powerful quote. Aim for a quote that participants are familiar with—and a quote that is powerful, yet not over used. The better the quote represents your ideas, the easier it is for your audience to remember it after your presentation.

For example a quote on marketing can come from a contemporary businessperson:

“Your culture is your brand,” says Tony Hsieh, CEO of You can also research quotes for the specific industry your participants belong to so the quote has a personal impact.

Tell an Inspiring Story

Ending your presentation with a story. This could be your story, a famous person’s story, or the story of an unsung hero. You can alternate the endings above; to ensure that they relate to the audience you are presenting to, and the topic at hand.

The listeners must have the feeling you are really finished. So look at them after your last words and nod smiling. Practice your last words. Write them out. Ask someone to judge your closing statement.

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