International Events : 6 Tips Event Marketers Should Know

International Events Tips

The increasing interconnectedness due to technology means that almost all the large events held today are global. However, there are few quirks to successfully managing an international event. Read below for some of the most important aspect of international events and how event marketers should handle them effectively.

#1 – Managing the Time Zone Difference

Time zone difference can result in attendees and guests not having enough time to rest. The greater the time zone difference between venue of the event and location of the attendees, longer the time needed to recover from jet lags.
So, the attendees should come few days earlier so that they have enough time to rest and be fresh for the event.

#2 – Food and Beverage

Food and beverages should be arranged with several considerations. Guests from some culture have special sensitivity towards different kind of food and beverage. For instance, if there is a possibility that a major portion of your attendees will be Hindus, then special care should be taken as they abstain from beef. There are different local laws for alcohol consumption in different places. Those laws should be respected while creating the menu.

#3 – Timing

Timing is an important aspect of marketing a global event. Unlike local events, global event require dealing with different languages, customs and regulations. Setting aside extra time for these factors is a wise thing to do.

Some cultures are naturally ‘slow moving’ cultures. They require more time to complete any task. The expectations between the organizers and the attendees should be cleared in advance.

Extra time should be allotted to individuals to register for an international event. Visa and other legal requirements should also be checked and communicated in advance.

#4 – Hospitality

Hospitality is an important aspect of any event, local or global. But special care should be taken in international events as the guests travel in and out of different places. Hosting welcome drinks for guests as they arrive, arranging different schedule for meals and learning the cultural sensitivity of the guests allows for better hospitality.

#5 – Globalizing Marketing Materials

The trick behind successfully globalizing marketing materials is to use simple English, avoid using jargon and complex sentence structures. Other tips include, specifying different time zones clearly, using metric systems and using precise price in US dollars.

#6 – Going the Extra Mile

Some extra efforts need to be made during international event to make the event truly special. Setting up multilingual help desk and volunteer is often one of the most effective way to give out positive impression to the guests. Similarly, providing familiar menu and translating banners in local language and giving out small gifts are truly great ways to make your guests feel at home.

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