What and How to Eat During Long Events and Meetings?

Meetings, conferences and any long event can be tiring and challenging for any individual. These events can be long, stressful and very demanding. As a participant, you must take care of what you eat during the events. Right food will help you maintain your energy level and capacity to pay attention.

Eating correctly during events can be the difference between you being actively involved and reaping maximum benefits from the show or you going home with absolutely nothing.

Starting your day off with those tasty pastries could be an ideal way to kick off the event. But you will be greeted by a rush of insulin released by your body after the intake of heavy amount of sugar. Instead, opt for something healthy that releases energy gradually. This will allow you to stay active and healthy throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water is an advice given to everyone and is suitable for virtually every setting. It is also very vital in the events to keep your body and brain hydrated. Dehydrated body and brain means lapse in concentration.

Many people make the mistake of relying solely in caffeine. Do not make that mistake. Keep your body supplied with plenty of water throughout.

The onset of notorious graveyard shift in the early afternoon is caused by heavy means at the lunch time. Carbohydrate-laden lunch means an inevitable dip in concentration. Eat light during lunch and don’t miss a second of that valuable insight as you retain your sharpness throughout the day.

This is not only true for events but also true for daily life and perhaps is one of the most clichéd food advices: Avoid junk foods. They undoubtedly are a quick way to fill you but will also induce sluggishness.

Opt for fruits whenever possible

Opt for fruits whenever possible. Also, if it is possible abstain from non-vegetarian food during the event. Again, these are the foods that will induce the dip-in.

If possible, pack a lunch from home. Cook something light and take it with you for the events. This way you will eat safe, light and avoid any illness.

Avoid difficult to eat, messy food. It will not help your appearance if you happen to get a stain on your shirt while handling a messy food. If you are in a meeting, the less you concentrate on eating, the more you can contribute in the discussions. This point should be kept in mind by the organizers as well. Do not keep the food that will take the attention away from the main activity.

Along with your food choices, it is equally important to know when not to eat. Eating frequently can reduce your attention-span.

On the other hand, not eating for a prolonged period of time can also have the same effect. Do not make hunger a cue for you to grab something to eat. Don’t stay hungry but don’t overfeed yourself as well.

The bottom-line of all the advices regarding eating right during meetings is to avoid food that requires long time to digest. Those carbohydrate-heavy foods induce sleepiness and can take away all the fun from your participant. Eating tips are also viable if you are organising an event. Your event can have the most stunning design, innovative theme and high profile speakers, but a wrong food arrangement means that you will not have your audience’s complete attention.

So whether you are looking forward to attending a great event that runs an entire day or running a meeting that requires constant attention from the participants for a longer period of time, planning for food is essential not just to your health but also to the success of your event or participation.

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