• Event Management Software

    RSVP Registration Malaysia: How to Use Technology in Events & Stay Ahead – Evenesis Blog

    How do we use Technology in Events? Technology plays a very significant role in our lives as various gadgets and gizmos have made many of our routine boring, difficult, and tedious tasks easier to perform. Event management is a growing industry everywhere in the world, especially event RSVP registration Malaysia. In Malaysia, 42 association meetings/events…

  • Evenesis on apps

    8 Free Event App Malaysia Every Event Planner Needs – Evenesis Blog

    From photography to social media, emails to seating charts, when it comes to event planning, there is a lot to manage! Every detail requires your undivided attention, and when time is of the essence, sometimes minute details can be overlooked. Although being an event planner nowadays is difficult, luckily there are now thousands of events app…


    The social media landscape in South-east Asia is changing and developing very fast. In particular, internet and social media usage increase more than 15% year-on-year. Facebook leads the way as the most popular social platform in this area, but other choices – notably chat apps – are capturing a significant share of people’s time and activities….

  • Why Do People Network?

    Why Do People Network? Some people wonder why do they need to do networking and in fact some business people choose not to do it if they have a choice. We do not know what their problem is but let me tell you this, you need to change! Doing networking by attending events can benefit…

  • Controlling Your Wedding Costs [infographic]

    Getting a great and magical weeding ceremony is a dream for every brides and grooms. Especially the brides. Of course, they want the wedding to be great, memorable and epic. Well, it’s the biggest day of their life! With the dress, suit, venue, guests, food and not to mention, the ring! All of these will…

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