5 Tips for Writing an Invitation Email

Tips writing an invitation email

Writing an invitation email is highly underrated but it is an important aspect of successful event management. Creating an invitation that is impactful is a difficult task. Some of the tips presented below can help you:

#1. One Invitation Never Works

A single invitation for everyone never works effectively. The first invitation should be about announcing the event. Yet another type of invitation (reminder) must be sent a couple of weeks before the start of the event. This reminder will be very useful to remind participants who have not yet replied. Invitation must vary according to the category of the participants. Sending the same invitation to guest speaker, VIPs, bloggers and other attendees will decrease the good impression of your event. For example, you should send a more casual or friendly invitation for bloggers.

#2. Humanizing Invitation

Making the invitation more human and personal makes a positive impression upon the recipients. Sending the invitation in the name of CEO or a top level manager will also give the impression that you have high regards for your guests.

Dear [Mr/Mrs][Firstname][lastname],
It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to the launch of [eventname], which will take place at the [venue] from 8 to 9 of November 2014.

#3. Balancing Image and Text

Current trend indicates that you should prioritize images and decrease the amount of text. Providing ample space for the contents to fit in is another contemporary trend in email invitations.

#4. Principal Information

The invitation must contain all the important details about your event. Date, time, venue and theme are the principal information of any event and the invitation should not miss any of them. Instead of cramming the invitation with text, you can also add a link to the event website.

#5. Re-directing to An Event Website

As said earlier, invitations should only contain principal information and should contain a link to well-maintained information about the event. A dedicated event website is a great resource to entice potential visitors of your event.

We hope this will be useful to you in preparing for your invitation email. If you feel that you need a brand new event website, a redesign or a customization, let us help. Contact us today to discuss your event’s need.

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