How to Use a #Hashtag at Your Event

Hashtag for event

From the relative obscurity in the telephone sets to the top of the social media buzz, the journey travelled by hashtag is truly spectacular. Even inside Twitter, the evolution of the sign from a basic functionality tool to one of most effective way to promote events and functions has been spectacular. Listed below are some of the most effective ways to use hashtag for event.

Research Your Audience

The very first step to create an exciting hashtag is to research the audience and the conversation. You do not want to use a hashtag that has already been used by competitors. Take a deeper look at your guest list and their area of expertise to create a relevant hashtag. Hashtags should be used to communicate relevant ideas that can help to create a buzz among your target audience.

KISS Your Hashtag

Keep It Simple and Sweet. Hashtags should be easy to remember and represent an important aspect of your event. The smart way to choose your hashtag is to make it relevant and interesting. To maximize your prospects, choose a hashtag that can make sense to even those who have no idea about your event. For example, if you were running a wedding planning exhibition, something easy to remember might be “#KLWeddingExpo” Something that would not be easy to remember would be something like “#expoforallkindsofweddingideas.”

Start the Promotion Before the Event

Successful twitter campaigns have shown that a significant portion of the tweets have been tweeted before and after the event. It is advisable to use the hashtags in all the promotion materials of the event. This will increase the familiarity of the hashtags and get people talking about the event in Twitter.

Promote the Hashtag During the Event

Make your event more interactive by encouraging the attendees to share their thoughts via live tweets. This will not only increase the engagement from the attendees but also from the people who unable to join the event.

Review and Analysis

A careful review and analysis of how the users interacted in the social media will give you the data that can be used for similar purpose in the future. During the review and analysis, both the popular and the unpopular tweets should be noted and analysed completely. This way, when you plan the next event, you will have a fairly good idea of what to avoid and what to choose. A post-event survey can be another useful tool to know what your audiences felt about the event.

Hashtags are simple-looking tool with immense possibilities. A carefully crafted and tactically promoted hashtags can increase the popularity of your event exponentially. Hashtags can be combined with latest technologies like QR codes to increase the effectiveness of the hashtag. Hashtags must be promoted across different social media to further increase the effectiveness. In short, using a proper hashtag can be the difference between your event getting popular in social media or becoming an obsolete topic in the Twitter.

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