• Why Your Event Website Sucks and How to Fix It

    Do you have an event coming up? An Event website could be a great way to promote the event. If you have an event website yourself, then know that listing the events is not enough to woo visitors. Your event website might be designed very well but if you miss out on the basic fundamentals, then you would be in some trouble. What could be the problems, you ask?

  • How To Organize A “Big Carnival Sale” Of Your Own

    We all love a sale, the bigger the better! Malaysia has one, so does Singapore and Thailand. Every year, thousands of people both local and abroad will flock to these sale opportunities. Traveling is made all the more easier with cheaper flight tickets and hotel accommodation for the in-bound visitors. A sale festival is also one of the biggest money generators for economic growth. Organizing such an event on a country-wide scale involves the efforts of many event management organizers as well as participating outlets and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism. What can you do, to be a part of this country-wide event?

  • use Pinterest as an Event Planning System

    How Event Planners Use Pinterest In Event Planning

    A virtual pinboard-like social photo-sharing website that lets users make and manage photo collections, Pinterest lets one upload photos based on one’s interests, events and hobbies easily. For event planners, Pinterest is a great way to promote events.

    You can use the pinboards for planning different events like weddings, home decoration, travel destinations, birthday bashes, organizing your much loved recipes or pin your favorite accessories, furniture, cars and more that grab your sight. Pinterest allows you to collect and store all your favorite images that appeal you every day while surfing the web. It is simple, updated and most of all – fun!

  • 3 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Event Management Company

    The market place is fast becoming more competitive, every business is affected and staying on the forefront of business has now become even more challenging. Those of you in event management businesses will also realize that more competitor companies are springing up, cutting into your share of the revenue pie. Event management solutions to market your own event company is now easily within your grasp. What can you do?

  • Ways to Live Stream Your Events on YouTube

    With the new technology in this modern era, a lot of things have been made possible which one couldn’t even think of in the past. One of such things is the live streaming of an event on YouTube. Sharing through You Tube is a superb way of sharing your event, be it a small party or a large conference, with the special people in your life who were unable to be a part of the event. You may need to undergo a specific process in order to live stream a video on YouTube, which is quite easy and simple to understand.

  • Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind To Manage An Event Successfully – Evenesis

    Event management is not a piece of cake. There are hundreds of things that could go wrong. Learning the nuances of managing an event is crucial if you are looking to host a successful event. Effective event planning is essential. Be it social events like Parties and weddings or corporate events like Annual General Meetings and Product launch parties, a proper event management system has to be in place. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you are hosting an event, click read more.

  • Enriching Events Through Social Media

    Human beings are social creatures. They thrive on interactions and socialize constantly. This is why social media has reached a feverish pitch in the last decade with the introduction of such sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Pinterest. The smart business person would realize that this is the best way to get attention to their cause or business. A majority of the world is now tech savvy, keeping in touch with the world through hand held mobile devices and being extremely connected and mobile. Part of an event management solution is to make use of social media to gain a following for your events. How can you enrich a users experience with your events if you are an event management company?

  • The Edge In Preparations For ASLI Conferences

    The Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute or better known as ASLI, is more than just a think tank organization that specializes in the exchange of ideas in industries of significance in Malaysia. Few people actually are aware that ASLI is at the forefront of organizing some of the most prominent business conferences in the ASEAN…

  • We nail it again, this time!

    Yesterday we were at Coach & Grow Graduation Ceremony held at Security Commission, Bukit Kiara KL. The Director General of Ministry of Finance was there to congratulate all the company participants. Evenesis has managed to qualify ourselves in the top 10 percentile of companies listed in this program under Cradle Fund. We showed 300% growth in terms of revenue this year as compare to the financial year 2011. We are also just recently making inroad to new markets such as Bangkok and Manila. We can only say this to our customers who have helped us to get to where we are now, “Terima Kasih!”.

  • Evenesis is on Hiring Frenzy!

    We are expanding and we are exploring new markets in Philippines and Thailand. Because of that we need more talented people to join us and be a part of our crazy and yet dedicated team in Technology Park Malaysia at Bukit Jalil KL. So if you know anyone who can do ASP.NET coding while they are sleeping, or anyone who have sold fridge to the Eskimos, do ask them to send their resume and cover letters to hr@evenesis.com. Or to get a walk-in interview, drop by at our booth during INTRADE next week with resumes and outgoing personality.

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