How Event Planners Use Pinterest In Event Planning

use Pinterest as an Event Planning System

How to use Pinterest as an Event Planning System

A virtual pinboard-like social photo-sharing website that lets users make and manage photo collections, Pinterest lets one upload photos based on one’s interests, events and hobbies easily.

For event planners, Pinterest is a great way to promote events.

You can use the pinboards for planning different events like weddings, home decoration, travel destinations, birthday bashes, organizing your much-loved recipes or pin your favourite accessories, furniture, cars and more than grab your sight.

Pinterest allows you to collect and store all your favourite images that appeal you every day while surfing the web.

It is simple, updated and most of all – fun!

There are some great ways to use your Pinterest pinboard.

  • You can create a visual list of things you plan to do in your life and that will keep you inspired.
  • Inspirational pinboards can be created for bouquets, wedding dresses, accessories and other arrangements that will help to make your wedding day the most memorable one.
  • You can also create a wish list comprising of everything that you desire to buy for big events like birthdays, promotions or decorating your new home with different colour schemes and furnishings.
  • If words inspire you, then create pinboards with inspirational quotes that mean something to you or relate to you somehow.
  • Plan your holiday trip. Photograph your favourite destinations and the places you want to visit.

Pinterest can make event planning system much simpler.

You just need to type a word to find related pins and pinboards about the topic of your choice. With the hundreds of amazing pictures available, planning an event is easier too.

Not just event managers but fashion designers and accessory designers also use Pinterest when looking for inspiration.

Moreover, Pinterest reduces the need to save big image files to your disk drive.

Instead of that, you can just open your account to view all the images in a systematic and organized manner. Event planners create a pinboard to arrange and gather ideas for nearly everything from furnishings to clothes to food.

Some event planners also create exclusive pinboards for organizing particular events, which can be modified by others according to colour schemes or different categories.

Once a board is created, it can be shared with others.

Whilst some event professionals use Pinterest for their personal use, others use their Pinterest account as a social media tool for generating hype about their new business, like us!

If you need a more simple and updated event planning system, we can lend a hand. Evenesis builds software to connect with your audience before, during and after your event.

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