How To Organize A “Big Carnival Sale” Of Your Own

We all love a sale, the bigger the better! Malaysia has one, so does Singapore and Thailand. Every year, thousands of people both local and abroad will flock to these sale opportunities. Traveling is made all the more easier with cheaper flight tickets and hotel accommodation for the in-bound visitors.  A sale festival is also one of the biggest money generators for economic growth. Organizing such an event on a country-wide scale involves the efforts of many event management organizers as well as participating outlets and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism. What can you do, to be a part of this country-wide event?

Build the “hype”

In reality, most of the hype has already been built by the main tourism board of the country. However, it still requires the participation of the event companies to organize the sale events. You can consider it a “war” on creativity as each event company tries to outdo each other with the best and cheapest sales concept to draw in the crowds. A smart event organizer will identify a niche that will make them stand-out among other sale events that can all be happening in the same location. Your event planning at this stage can border on the radical. Try timing your Grand Sale Event with a significant date. Alternatively, host the event outdoors in a bazaar atmosphere rather than just indoors at a shopping venue. Add in some side attractions that would make the event a whole day affair, especially over weekends and holidays. The more unique and attractive the event, the more time people will stay on and the more they will spend!

Enlist the help of the local tourism authorities

There is nothing like having a heavy “side-kick” on your part to get things moving. Many event companies are aware of this, which is why they register themselves with the necessary Ministries and Authorities. In this event, the local tourism authority is your biggest ally. They can help you to promote the event, ensure traffic co-ordination, designate ample parking spaces and even get in on the revelry with their own cultural extravaganzas.

Use the biggest social networks

Getting the word out to everyone is now much easier and less costly with the help of social media such as Facebook. In fact it can even be free and there are so many tools in there that you can use to create awareness of your event such as the “Event” tool. Postings are free, so is sharing out. The more “Friends” or “Fans” you have on the list, the higher your event notification rate. Encourage sharing out the information in exchange for freebies!

Off course like any other business, large events like these need to be organized. With all that money you will be making, consider investing in an event management system with a flexible event solution to help you out along the way. You can’t possibly be sitting in an office all day while running an event, so an online event management solution is your best bet to be mobile and organized! Don’t just keep other people’s sale running, keep yours too!

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