Why Your Event Website Sucks and How to Fix It

Do you have an event coming up? An Event website could be a great way to promote the event. If you have an event website yourself, then know that listing the events is not enough to woo visitors.

Your event website might be designed very well but if you miss out on the basic fundamentals, then you would be in some trouble. What could be the problems, you ask?

Importance of Call to Action

Firstly, event websites today miss out on the most fundamental things – including Call to Action. One might host an event successfully, but unless there is a Call to Action, visitors would not be inspired to subscribe to services or buy products. You need to be clear on your approach and include registration links on each of the events in your event website.

Specify the location, please!

Next, be clear about the location of the event! Come on, not everybody is expected to know where the event is actually going on, so a clear address is very important.

You forgot social media, again?

Next, social media promotion is an essential exercise to make your event successful. Considering this, your website needs to have links to your social media pages where visitors can go and interact with each other. If you want to spread the word, what better way to do it than to engage people through social media sites?

No Flash, please!

Do not forget, we live in an era which is ever changing. So if your website content remains the same, do know that you will be losing out both on SEO and customers. Search Engine algorithms and visitors both prefer fresh content over static ones. This is why having a news blog giving updates about the event could be a great idea to woo in more visitors.

Keep it simple

That’s not all. Remember, don’t overdo it! A website with flash and audio might look great to you but not to customers and search engines. Flash websites are not SEO friendly and if used too much, can be detrimental to the user experience as well.

In the end, you might think of having a mobile version of your site as well. With all the new smart phones kicking in, many people prefer to browse the net through mobiles and you will be missing out on an audience if you do not have a mobile version of your site.

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