Enriching Events Through Social Media

Human beings are social creatures. They thrive on interactions and socialize constantly. This is why social media has reached a feverish pitch in the last decade with the introduction of such sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Pinterest. The smart business person would realize that this is the best way to get attention to their cause or business. A majority of the world is now tech savvy, keeping in touch with the world through hand held mobile devices and being extremely connected and mobile. Part of an event management solution is to make use of social media to gain a following for your events. How can you enrich a users experience with your events if you are an event management company?

Post your pre and post event photos

“Pictures paint a thousand words” and social sites now offer enhanced image capabilities as well as real-time sharing with Apps such as Instagram. If you are planning a big event, announce this on social site groups through picture tagging. Don’t forget to include your website URL so interest can be directed back to your site. Create an event calendar on your social site, send out personal invitations and encourage people to share your invites among their friends. You can glean the contact information from these shared contacts to include to your event solution database, so make sure you also have an event management system in place. The visual impact is always the first to attract, the more interesting your images the more shares to other users. It also encourages user interactions to your events.

Hash tag your events

The use of hash tags to keywords especially in Twitter is a great way to get people to notice your event. It promotes comments, sharing and retweets of your events in the most viral way. Event Malaysia companies are just noticeably using this method to spread news of their upcoming events and updates, which opens a new following into the worldwide web. Some hash tags you can consider are event-specific and universal hash tags. You can learn more about hash tag for events at this site:  http://tradeshowsocialmedia.com/event-hashtags-a-guide-to-using-them

Enable social sharing

Part of a successful event means getting people to share out the news of your event. Sharing out pre-event is to garner interest and attendance while post-event sharing is to gather information and feedback on the success of your event. Event planning includes both categories. You can use social media to accomplish both. This requires you to enable sharing on your site in the first place. Make sure you place those little share icons and social site buttons to your web page. Another new method of sharing is the use of QR Codes. These are those little cube shaped icons that are recognized by mobile hand devices. You can scan these codes and it will lead you to the information on the specific site. These QR Codes are easily printed on to vinyl stickers that you can paste at your event venue.

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