• Sponsorship

    How to Find the Perfect Sponsor for Your Event

    Whether you’re organizing a big international meeting, a fundraising event for your NGO or a startup party, finding a sponsor is one of the top promotional activities you have to consider while planning your event. Sponsors can help you reducing the overall costs of the event, increasing the number of attendees and improving the user experience….

  • staff001

    5 Tips to Become a Successful Wedding Planner

    You have undergone education programs in event management field and are accredited by one or more professional associations as a wedding planner. Still, the road that takes you to achievement is affected by many things other than formal educations. Here you are some easy tips to become a successful wedding planner you can do right…

  • catering-deserts

    F&B Management: 10 Tips to Choose the Right Catering

    One of the first things you must understand before deciding to choose any caterer for an event is the menu. In addition to being a service provider, the caterer can be your food and beverage consultant as well. Before you approve any catering service, however, be sure to do the following things.   Taste the…

  • Businessman celebrating with trophy in hand

    Top Skills to Succeed as an Event Planner

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful and sought-after event planner? Regardless of your position, this job requires a mix of essential skills you can’t do without. Let’s discover them together! Be Versatile and Flexible: Flexibility and versatility are about being able to move freely and confidently from work to…

  • cheap-but-beautiful-wedding-venues-simple-styles-20-on-venue-design-ideas

    Venue: the First Step for a Successful Event

    Why choosing the right venue is so important? And why is one of the most delicate decisions that event professionals have to face? It’s essential to bear in mind that this fundamental decision will determine all the subsequent steps of the event organization: this is the reason why the location can make the difference between success and disaster. Of course, choosing the…

  • Concept: Successful business trend. Happy talented businesswoman pointing arm upwards in front of ascending business graph, isolated on grey background.

    3 Features an Event Planner Should NOT Have

    Like all the professions involved in a public dimension, also the event planner has to be able to distinguish between a part of work that is made visible on the outside, and another part that remains “submerged” and should not be perceived by the participants of the event. Unfortunately, the glamorous part (nice parties, brilliant conversations, interesting people) belongs…

  • Fundraising evenesis

    How to Plan a Successful Fundraising Event in 7 steps

    Fundraising event is a widespread form of fundraising, useful to cultivate support and attract new donors. If well planned, it’s an efficient way to gather money, but definitely requires hard work, strong organization skills and also financial resources. In order to create a successful fundraising event, bear in mind these important 7 steps of the organizational process:…

  • successful job interview at evenesis

    10 Golden Rules for a Successfull Job Interview in Event Planning

    Event planning can be perceived as a simple and glamorous job but, actually, it requires experience, preparation and good selling skills. Even if you think to be perfect for that role (because of your deep knowledge of this sector), your attitude during the job interview can be the turning point of the selection of the right candidate. This…

  • evenesis event planners

    Behind the Scenes of Event Planning: the hard life of an event planner

    “So, are you an event planner? That’s really cool, what an amazing job, you see a lot of celebrities..I envy you so much!!” How often do you listen to these words? And every time it’s so difficult trying to explain that your job is not all a bed of roses. Do you remember? When you…

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