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We wanted to do a sales team discussion for a full day in the golden triangle area in Kuala Lumpur (away from our office in Bukit Jalil).  We wanted to find a small room/place that could accommodate the five of us with good environment for a closed discussion.  We needed a place with unlimited supply of papers and a white board so we could sketch our ideas and write out our plans.  Of course, it would be great if there was a free flow of coffee and tea to keep our focus and attention for the whole day.  And not to forget, we did not have that big of a budget, so a 5-star hotel meeting room/space was definitely not part of the plan.

We couldn’t find a quick and easy way to locate and reserve the venue other than googling for it.  The search results were not really helpful. We spent hours getting few venues that did not exactly fulfill our requirements. The contact details, availability and pricing were not up-to-date either.

Now, if you have a space, a room or a venue that could accommodate us, wouldn’t you want it to be discovered immediately?

The first venue matchmaker app in Malaysia called Venueville was built to solve the above pain by most event organizers.

If your venue or space hasn’t been listed yet on Venueville, do it now. It’s FREE. Help the event’s community grow by solving its venue needs.

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