Best Venues for Kids’ Parties in Kuala Lumpur

Best Venue for Kids’ Parties in Kuala Lumpur

Kids’ parties is big and serious deal. It has to be fancy, loud, happening and the most important is memorable. We have some good news for parents out there. It’s no longer a hassle to find a correct venue for your kids’ party in KL. Here we list out the best venue for your kids’ party.

1. Jump Street

Memorable and unforgettable! Everyone knows kids very active at their young age. Make your kid’s birthday party the envy of their friends! Jump Streetis Asia Largest Trampoline Park where your kid and his/her friends can have good time jumping all around the place. Your kids will have 60 minutes jumping on the trampoline and the foods and beverage will prepare their own Jump Cafe.


2. Discoveria

Dinoscovery at Discoveriais a unique exhibition for children to enjoy animatronic dinosaurs in adventure like setting. The package will include 60-90 minutes long tour include with 20-minute 3D movie experience a cavenger hunt, as well as other awesome activities. There are also F&B packages you can choose from which is exclude from the ticket price. The price is around RM 25 for adult and RM 35 for children and 1 complimentary adult ticket for every 10 children tickets purchase.


3. Young Chef Academy

You see potential in your kids to be the next Gordon Ramsay? Give them the opportunity to show off their skills in a 90 minutes long culinary course at Young Chefs Academy. Let the kids cook for the day. For kids below aged 3. they can choose between pizza, cupcakes and banana muffin courses. As for kids above aged 3, they can choose between pasta, ice cream and lava cakes courses. Price for this place is about RM 90/ child(minimum 10/ maximum 20+)


4. Clay Expression

Let your kid be the next Picasso. Clay Expressionnot only allows kids to play around with the clay at their place in Subang Jaya, house calls are also available for minimum of 20 pax. Price range is about RM 50 – RM 60 per pax. One piece of clay work is inclusive in the 1.5 hours sesion and depending on the desired theme of the product. You can made some arrangement for it.


5. Science Werkz

You need to check out Science Werkzif you want your kids to have the coolest birthday party ever! Mad Scientist will come to your home and proceed to create indoor fireworks (literally!), conjure slime and even make things levitate. Malaysia’s leading fun science provider’s list of party add ons include unique options such as outdoor rocket launches, laser light shows and even periscope construction.

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