• 5 Simple Things To Do After Wrapping Up Your Event

    5 Simple yet Forgotten Things to Do After an Event

    After months of planning your event and pouring your energy and time to it, it’s finally over. You can catch your breath and take the much-needed rest you’ve been dreaming of. But wait, not so fast Mojo Jojo! The post-event is as important as the pre-event. So here are the five things you need to…

  • Evenesis on apps

    8 Free Event App Malaysia Every Event Planner Needs – Evenesis Blog

    From photography to social media, emails to seating charts, when it comes to event planning, there is a lot to manage! Every detail requires your undivided attention, and when time is of the essence, sometimes minute details can be overlooked. Although being an event planner nowadays is difficult, luckily there are now thousands of events app…

  • home banne

    Event Technology: Threat or Support for Event Planners

    Event technology progresses at such a high speed that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant influx of new solutions and gadgets. They may even start to feel like a threat that could disrupt the current way of doing business and lead to customer migration. We believe that this line of thinking is unproductive,…

  • Evenesis management Software system

    Event Management Software System: Top 6 Business Benefits – Evenesis Blog

    The Limitless Advantages of an Event Management System As an event planner, your top priority is to ensure the success of your event by gaining highest possible attendees. Even though it is true that getting attendees to your event is not a mean task, you need to know that suitable techniques assist you to go…

  • Evenesis event registration system

    Event Planning Software: why is important? – Evenesis Blog

    The Incredible Benefits of Using an Event Planning Software Event planning software is a useful tool to plan and organize events, conferences and meeting in a professional and easiest way. Moreover, they are the fastest way to keep track of your participants, speakers and equipment, accellerate the registration process, view activity in real-time and, eventually, make last-minute adjustments….

  • Customize Online Registration Form - Evenesis New Feature

    Customize Online Registration Form – Evenesis New Feature

    Customize Online Registration Form – Evenesis New Feature To make event planners’ lives easier when it comes to managing online registration form, we add more optional and customizable fields in form setting. From now on, you, event planners are able to custom online registration form for your events in Evenesis.  With this unique feature, you can…

  • 6 Tips for Organizing an Amazing Corporate Christmas Party

    “The article ‘6 Tips for Organizing an Amazing Corporate Christmas Partyy’ was written by a guest writer, Dan McCarthy. More information on the writer can be found at the end of this article.” An office Christmas party is probably the only time of year when employees actually look forward to coming to work. An office…

  • Evenesis - Top 30 Promising Software Brands

    Evenesis – Top 30 Promising Software Brands

    Evenesis – Top 30 Promising Software Brands The 2015 Dublin Web Summit shed light on brands in the software domain that are under the radar but have the potential to break out and become driving forces in their niches. In its article Top 30 Promising Software Brands, they selected not 5, not 10, but 30 of the…

  • Waiting List – New Feature in Evenesis

    Waiting List – New Feature in Evenesis If your event is popular, or if you are restricted on the number of participants for your event, then you may want to have a waiting guest list. Today, we would like to announce our new feature in Evenesis – Waiting list. With this feature, if it reached…

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