• Promoting Events with Better Effectiveness

    Promoting events with better effectiveness requires experience and innovation in your event planning skills. Thanks to the technological advancements, there are numerous ways of effectively reaching a wider audience to promote your event. Proper event planning, can help you capture a large crowd for your event. A large attendance can prove instrumental in making your campaign successful. Therefore, you should practice the latest event solutions to promote your campaign with better effectiveness.

  • Event Solutions for Wedding Planners

    Arranging a wedding ceremony within limited resources in the current era of global economic recession is a difficult job. You should have a vast experience of working with limited resources to avoid the event management troubles and successfully organize a wedding ceremony. That’s because the client’s wish-list keeps increasing as the wedding day approaches, without much changes to the budget and time-frame. If you are new to this profession, you should consider event solutions when you plan for a wedding. Organizing a wedding ceremony is all about making the event memorable for the couple, their families and guests. Therefore event organizers should put in special efforts to deliver as per their client’s requirements within the available budget.

  • Tips for a Successful Event Planner

    Most of the companies hire event management experts to gather a wider client base through meetings and events, to make profitable deals with fellow businessmen who somehow relate to their company. Through proper event planning, you can make sure that these meetings result in the best interests of your clients and in turn, label you as a successful event organizer.

  • Event Management Software for an Efficient Event Planning

    Professional event planners manage events systematically to ensure flawless proceedings. If you want to prosper in this field, you should plan in an organized way to successfully manage an event. Handling the information manually not only increases the workload and stress, but also increases the chances of errors that can prove costly on the delivery day. To bypass such limitations, you should use event management software to systematically organize, check and execute the planned tasks. This will ensure thorough and efficient management of all the planned tasks as per your client’s requirements. Today, most of the successful companies and professionals use this technology to host multiple events simultaneously.

  • Make your Ideas Easy to Execute with Systematic Event Planning

    Event planning is all about using your creativity to successfully manage an event. Inexperience in the field of event management can become a major issue, and can prevent proper execution of your ideas. Clients seek cost-effective ways of arranging events in the current era of economic recession. Therefore new event planners should come up with ways to reduce the expenses of organizing events despite the inflation and rising demands by their clients. Although this is difficult, you can guarantee desirable outcomes with event management solutions such as systematic planning with a calm approach.

  • List and Advertise your Products & Services for FREE

    Evenesis currently has more than a thousand registered users managing and running various types of events online. Would you like to be visible to these event planners? Would you like your products or services to be found, used or purchased by these event organizers?

    We are now offering you directory and advertising listing on Evenesis for six (6) months for FREE.

    Drop us an email at contactus@evenesis.com with your Full Name, Business Name, Business Description and Contact Number.

  • We want you! Come join Evenesis dynamic team

    We are looking for unique, creative, innovative, game-changing individuals who can step up and fill up the various positions in the team. Interested? Why wait anymore, drop us an email at hr@evenesis.com and tell us why you are the ideal person to be the leader, innovator, game changer, salesman, developer, designer or any other positions that you think would suit you within the team.

    Any emails without proper contents and/or with a long-winded resume will probably get filtered into our BORING email folder.

  • Evenesis is now a Certified Solution by MSC & TUV Rheinland

    After undergoing a thorough auditing and assessment exercise conducted by Benchmark Certification (M) Sdn. Bhd. and managed by MSC Malaysia, Evenesis has passed and been granted the Certified Solution status recently.

    The assessment was based on a world class rating standards that involve various checkpoints on the development procedures, methodologies, security compliance and reliability. With this certification, we believe Evenesis will be well recognized and acknowledged at the international level.

  • Opportunities In A Calender Year For Events

    Every event organizer knows the common twelve months in a business calendar year for events. These include the usual celebrative festivals such as Christmas and New Year as well as other celebrations based on their location. Aside from these, there are also seasons that are of importance to a particular country. For example, event Malaysia organizers will know that certain times of the year are a favorite for weddings. Malaysia being multi-cultural would mean weddings almost all year round.

    As many days as there are in a calendar year, there is always something happening somewhere in the world. How you, as an event organizer can keep track of these occasions and dates is how many events you can plan in a year. The objective is to fill your calendar year with as many events as you can manage. Keep in mind that you also do not bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic with your selection of event opportunities. Bear in mind your resources and capabilities. Do not stretch your team and resources too thinly and compromise on your quality. Be careful about your delivery times and do not have overlapping events that will cause confusion.

  • Showcasing An Event In Event Management

    Events come and go, the best events become the memorable and talked about ones and the average event is soon forgotten. That is the reality for any event organizer. Making an impact and building a reputation for any organizer is a great challenge. You need to be competitive, efficient, creative and a good business person all at the same time. Translating your visuals into actual concepts is a skill that some event organizers fail to achieve. To showcase an event means that you are using the event to represent your skills as a great organizer and planner that has a fast up and coming reputation in the market.

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