Showcasing An Event In Event Management

Events come and go, the best events become the memorable and talked about ones and the average event is soon forgotten. That is the reality for any event organizer. Making an impact and building a reputation for any organizer is a great challenge. You need to be competitive, efficient, creative and a good business person all at the same time. Translating your visuals into actual concepts is a skill that some event organizers fail to achieve. To showcase an event means that you are using the event to represent your skills as a great organizer and planner that has a fast up and coming reputation in the market.

Reputation building

The importance of showcasing your events is a portfolio of your successes. Sometimes word of mouth reputation by clients and attendees reinforces the belief in your skills and capabilities. Remember also that press and media coverage is an important aspect in the showcasing requirement. That is how it will be presented to the public who will also get to see what you have done. Showcasing is all about you and how you make it known that you have achieved a successful event.

So how do you work at showcasing your events and build a reputable portfolio along the way? Here are some common and out of the box ideas to get yourself known and build a reputation.

  • Be very good at what you do – which means that you have to be extremely capable in your organizing skills. The capacity to perform is dependent on your professionalism in interacting with your client, team members and suppliers. You have to be able to translate your concepts and visuals as closely as possible to your proposal.
  • Media – establish a good rapport with people in the media. This means as many media sections as possible such as the press, magazine publishers, TV and Radio media. These are just the conventional ones. A little more unique are good video clips taken of the event that can be used as podcasts, therefore building an audience and following of your events. The global exposure with the help of the internet has helped many companies including event companies, to showcase their work in the global market and securing good contracts even from clients abroad such as trade fair organizing and stage performances.
  • Build a reputation for unique ideas – it takes a certain flair to be extremely creative and the skill of a mastermind to carry out the order for a super event. As each individual organizer may have different ideas of presentation it also means you have to keep track of what is new in the market. This does not mean just themes but also different materials, techniques etc that can be used to make an event unique. It is up to you as the organizer how to intermingle and combine all these elements to create a unique event.

Team work and organization

Your success as an event organizer is also largely dependent on the team around you. Event organizing is not a one person job, it involves great team work and a cohesion of people management and interpersonal skills. The technical part of event management is the organizing. Once you have the event planning organized, it is half the work achieved.  A prudent event organizer will source around for an event management system that will help them to keep things organized and in perspective.

Consider an event management solution that is mobile enough to help you manage things out of the office. In most cases you will be on site. The event solution should be able to help you integrate your task allocation and perform follow-up tasks as well as keep a good record. Once you have these things worked out, you can focus more on the details and personal touches to making the event spectacular. It also means that you do have to keep your client and especially the media entertained prior to the event date. This means providing them with invitations and entertainment to convince them why they should showcase your event. Event Malaysia organizers can benefit from having their events showcased more often as the boundaries for event organizers are now not just local but global. The more exposure they get, the better the job prospects!

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