• How To Market Your Event Skills In Event Management

    Marketing is the basic principle and heart beat of any company or organization. This is no different for an event organizing company. You need to market your business, your skills and your reputation in order to obtain business for your company. Sometimes for an event organizer, there is a fine line between marketing their business and marketing their skills. To market the business is very similar to marketing an entity, so it is rather impersonal. Whereas to market your skill is more on a personal level. Some clients may prefer you to be more personal as they feel that it is your artistic skills that they will be paying for.

  • Where To Get Ideas Of Great Themes For Events

    In an annual calendar for events there are several common ones that are already enough to keep an organizer busy. Aside from the usual weddings, bereavements, product launches there are some others that could help to make an event calendar more interesting and you as the event organizer busily employed!

    Most event organizers are categorized by their specialty such as a wedding planner or a conference organizer. To have a variety of event themes on your calendar, sometimes it is a good idea to keep track of current trends and events others are holding. For example if it is F1 or soccer season, you can plan themes along those lines that run in conjunction with the season.

  • The Difference Between A Good Event And A Great Event

    All events are successful in their own rights. However, being an average success and a super success are two different categories. Needless to say that the latter will have a bigger piece of the business pie eventually when the reputation spreads across the community. Every organizer will strive to be the best in their industry and maintaining a great track record can become quite a challenge.

    So what is the element that helps differentiate a good event and a great event? Are these event organizers super men with Picasso or Rembrandt types on their team or are they just ordinary people with fantastic organizing skills behind them? The surprising answer would be that in most cases than not, they are just ordinary people like you and me. Their passion for being unique and meticulous is what drives them to out-perform their competitors.

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