Opportunities In A Calender Year For Events

Every event organizer knows the common twelve months in a business calendar year for events. These include the usual celebrative festivals such as Christmas and New Year as well as other celebrations based on their location. Aside from these, there are also seasons that are of importance to a particular country. For example, event Malaysia organizers will know that certain times of the year are a favorite for weddings. Malaysia being multi-cultural would mean weddings almost all year round.

As many days as there are in a calendar year, there is always something happening somewhere in the world. How you, as an event organizer can keep track of these occasions and dates is how many events you can plan in a year. The objective is to fill your calendar year with as many events as you can manage. Keep in mind that you also do not bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic with your selection of event opportunities. Bear in mind your resources and capabilities. Do not stretch your team and resources too thinly and compromise on your quality. Be careful about your delivery times and do not have overlapping events that will cause confusion.

Seasons and events

It is better to have selected quality events as opposed to many events of lesser quality. This way you can focus better on delivery and better planning strategies. So what are some of the opportunities that you can source out which is complimentary to your particular field of expertise? Here are some general ideas that you could use by tweaking them according to your specialty:

  • Mardi Gras and Carnival season – this season can be celebrated anywhere around the world. It is an opportunity for an event organizer to plan colorful product launches, company dinner parties or venue openings around this time. As it is a celebrative season, that means that you could include costume themes, colorful stage designs and feet tapping music with great lighting effects.
  • School, Spring or Summer breaks – these are good event times for clients who are in the travel business, for product launches and even those looking to organize grand scale bazaars. The possibilities for a whole gamut of events can be organized around this season and the variety of themes is only limited to your ideas.
  • Sports season – some of these sporting seasons are on an annual basis while others may be once every four or five years. However the most popular ones are the soccer and car racing seasons as these are on an annual basis leading to the main event in four years. To take advantage of this season, you could offer events for promotion of product launches that are related to the sport event, a venue launch such as a food and beverage establishment or even dinner and celebrative parties with the sporting theme.

Organizing your calendar year

The key to creating great opportunity and themes within the calendar year is to think out-of-the-box. This means that you have to be able to spot opportunities based on world events around you and use that to create your own palette of themes and  events for your clients.

No matter what the opportunity that might present itself to within the calendar year, the bottom-line is that if you are in events, you still have to be organized. Forward planning of your calendar itinerary is only possible if you have enough time to focus on it. Which means that you would require good delegation of work and an event management system that can help you in your event management and event planning chores and tasks.

Make good use of your event management solution to manage your calendar year activities. There are many features available that can help you to sort out the details of your plans such as financial budgets, contact list, venue floor plans and more. The event solution should also be flexible and mobile enough for you to be able to work on the go. Getting yourself organized means that you have more time for other aspects of your event organizing business and you can benefit from the same advise and systems!

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