Ticket Sales: 5 Hacks to Boost It!

Ticket Sales

5 Hacks To Drive Your Ticket Sales

You have an event and handful ticket to sell. So how do you want to increase the ticket sales? For event organizer pulling the crowds and selling the ticket are the critical parts to measure the event success. Here we present to you a few hacks to enhance your ticketing sales efforts:

1. Reward Last Year Attendees

If you organize an annual event, this trick suits you. First thing you should do is announce the event to last year’s attendees. Those people that attend the year before may be your loyal supporter and they most likely to purchase the ticket for your next event. You won’t believe how easy to sell the ticket to them even if you don’t have all the details yet. Show them that you appreciate them by offering them a special price for signing up early.

2. Promote The Location

Location of conferences can sometimes be one of the biggest draw for potential attendees. Promote other attractions near where your conference is held that may interest attendees. Try to get discounted rate for your attendees at those attractions, that definitely going to attract people.

3. Scarcity Tactics

You need to make sure that people believe that the ticket are in high demand and may be sold out at any given moment. You can add a countdown widget showing the number of days, hours and minutes before the event left. Or you can simply a widget that shows the number of ticket left and how many people has bought it. This add sense of urgency for them to buy your ticket and this will definitely boost your ticket sales!

4. Start Contests Within Company

Use your employees to increase the ticket sales. Encourage them to promote your event to the leads and customers they met. To make it more attractive, offer incentive to those who sell the most tickets. To track it may be you can give your employee some unique discount code to track it.

5. Ask Help from The Speakers

Reach out to speakers and ask them to write a blog to promote their sessions and give a sneak preview what they will discussing. This actually will benefits both parties as they will get more attendees excited about their session and you will get free content!

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