Evenesis – Top 30 Promising Software Brands

Evenesis - Top 30 Promising Software Brands

Evenesis – Top 30 Promising Software Brands

The 2015 Dublin Web Summit shed light on brands in the software domain that are under the radar but have the potential to break out and become driving forces in their niches. In its article Top 30 Promising Software Brands, they selected not 5, not 10, but 30 of the top promising software brands today and analyzing each one in detail. We are so glad that Evenesis has been selected as one of top 30 promising software brands.

Managing business related events can be a hassle, particularly if you want to get regular updates from your team and have to call a meeting every time you need something done. Check out who Evenesis is and what Evenesis can do for you!


Evenesis has been designed to make event management easier for the average entrepreneur and manager.

It is a Saas-based tool through which you easily manage your events via cloud computing. You can use the tool for setting up meetings, conferences and even training events and also send out invites and share relevant documents with the attendees. This removes the hassle of communicating the event to everyone invited.

The software offers a number of features to make event management easier and more convenient for you, including:

  • evenManager: Use this tool to plan the event from start to finish. The comprehensive features available ensure you don’t miss out on anything.
  • evenGuest: Import contacts from your email account or your phone and send invites. No longer do you have to manually browse through a list of names to select the people you want to invite to an event.
  • evenInvite: Use the templates provided and customize the message you want to send to the invitees and you are good to go. The tool will also keep a check on the responses to the messages sent through the software.
  • evenDraw: Design the setting for your event the way you want. evenDraw allows you to customize the layout of the event venue and you can adjust it according to your needs.
  • evenVendor: Do you deal with suppliers and vendors on a regular basis? You can curate a list of suppliers and using this feature to select the one most suitable for your requirements.
  • evenImpact: evenImpact allows you to gauge the impact of the event by seeking feedback from the attendees. Using surveys, the tool will collect feedback from all the people who attended the event and update it in real-time.
  • evenMobile: Control event management right from your mobile device using this feature.

Evenesis offers a range of pricing packages to choose from, starting from RM 1590.

Interview with Evenesis:

Q1: What makes your application stand out?

Our solution is designed to intuitively follow the event planner practice in managing the event.

We help the event planners in ways to capture information about their attendees, producing tickets either offline and online for the attendees and process online payment for them as well. All these info are useful for the event planners to evaluate the success of the event.

Another strength point about our solution is the availability of our customer support. Customers like to come back to us because we are always there to support them in terms of using our solution, getting consultancy on how to effectively running an event for new event planners and also our openness in receiving feedback and put it back onto the system.

Our customers love the fact that we listen, and we care enough to handle their concern when they use our solution for their events.

Q2: Are there any future developments in the works? If so, could you name a few?

We are planning to increase the flexibility in our system.

For instance, user can create and define his own online registration form. Soon users can also define their own view when it comes to view the attendees database.

This will give them flexibility to view only important information that are useful for them, instead of following a set of fixed view made by the system developer.

We also plan to automate some parts of ticketing, which let all the confirmed attendees to receive reminder and their ticket to the events via email 1 day before the event.

Another major milestone which we want to deliver in 2016 is by having a listing of events where the public can view and search for events that are happening around their location.

We hope by doing this, the events organized by our users will get more attention and receive more inquiries in regards to the event which they publish on this website.

Everything will be seamlessly tide on a single platform and we exploit it to the benefit of our users.


Evenesis – the most powerful event registration & management platform for all your event needs. Interested to know more about us? Click to request a free trial or call us at +603 8992 3132.


Evenesis - Top 30 Promising Software Brands

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