How to Manage Your Guest Database?

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How to Manage Your Guest Database?

Still maintaining thousands of guest contacts from multiple excel sheets and other applications? It’s time to say goodbye to these old ways! Evenesis provides you with a flexible and powerful guest database platform. This built-in database can be easily created by importing your contacts into the system. Guests can later be grouped and filtered accordingly.

Check out what Evenesis database module can do for you now.

1. Secure and cloud-based platform

With Evenesis, you are able to access to your guest database anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet and browser.

2. Event guest list & master list  

Easily manage your guest list of each event. The master list is your actual database platform where you save unlimited number of contacts as you want.

3. Contact duplication detection  

When you import your guest database, Evenesis makes sure each contact (email address) you upload is not duplicated.

4. Import & Export Contacts

 Upload your contacts with Evenesis database template provided and export in excel files.

5. Guest group management

In Evenesis, you are able to segment your guests accordingly, filter the contacts based on the group and guest’s real-time status.

6. Guest status real-time update

All guest statuses such as RSVP response, email & SMS delivery, and payment status are updated in real time, which you can filter in guest list and generate from the report.

7. Onsite guest Check-in – Besides our awesome mobile check-in app, you can check in your attendees at the day of event by simply searching guest name and update the status with a few seconds.


Evenesis – the most powerful event registration & management platform for all your event needs.

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