5 Simple yet Forgotten Things to Do After an Event

5 Simple Things To Do After Wrapping Up Your Event

After months of planning your event and pouring your energy and time to it, it’s finally over. You can catch your breath and take the much-needed rest you’ve been dreaming of.

But wait, not so fast Mojo Jojo! The post-event is as important as the pre-event.

So here are the five things you need to do after wrapping up your event.

1.  Remember the magic word – Thank you!

We teach our children to say thank you but we forget to do it ourselves.

This essential word is effortless to say but has a powerful ability to create a positive interaction. Express thanks to your attendees, sponsors, speakers, and partners to recognize and show your appreciation for their cooperation and support by sending them a thank you message, email or card.

This gesture will build a foundation for future collaboration and will increase attendees’ recurrence.

Keep it short and sweet.

Remember to make it special by personalizing it to each recipient.  You will hit a jackpot when you’re able to make your attendees feel special.

 2.  Show, don’t tell.

You could talk about how great the event that you just organized but it’s better to show them.

Collect and organize the visual materials you could gather from the event and create a post-event press release. Publish it to your website and social media platform to increase your event reach and coverage.

You can bring it up a notch by sending these materials and event pictures to your attendees.  People love seeing their own pictures.  By sending these pictures to your attendees, they will surely love you too.

You know, if the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, then what is a video worth? A million or a billion words I guess?

3.  Be a cast of CSI and perform the post mortem.

It’s time to get down to business.  Sit down with your team and take time to evaluate and reflect on the event.

Discuss in details how the event went down right from planning to execution.

List all problems you encountered during the event and potential solutions.  Discuss what worked well and what could be done better for your next event.

The most important thing to evaluate is whether you’ve achieved your objectives.  Use this time to congratulate your team and celebrate the victory of having successfully organized the event.

4.  Collect data and feedback to improve.

Send out a survey immediately after the event while it is still fresh to gather information and provide insights on the event experiences.

This will help you to improve in areas where you’re lacking and contribute to the success of your next event.  A survey or a feedback tool that is available in Evenesis can be used to create questions and to ease the process of data collection.

The questions can be in multiple-choice, matrix, essay, slider, date and open-text formats. You can share and email the survey to your attendees via Evenesis, all in a single platform.

Additionally, event pictures can be analyzed via Evenesis Emotion Analysis software to provide useful insights into the attendees’ satisfaction in the event.

 5.  Testimonials are the treasure troves.

Testimonials are live evidence that something works really well.

The success of a business or an event depends heavily on the word-of-mouth.  By having a written or recorded testimonial, you will be able to gain trust, create a credible image, and build a good reputation.

After your event, reach out to your clients through phone calls, emails, or meetings to get them to share their stories and experience.

It doesn’t have to be a formal conversation. Casually, ask your client their feedback on the services you provided.

A small tip here – approach clients that are really happy and satisfied with the event, generally, and your services, specifically.

Remember guys, great planners continuously work to improve their results!

Your job is not yet finished after the last guest walks out of the event.  There is still a list of to-do things, waiting for you to complete.

Okay now, go do that five things before you catch up on your sleep. To make things easier, check out our solutions here.


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