3 Videos Your Business Must Use

3 Videos Your Business Must Use

Video is getting more and more popular as a marketing tool and it is also easier to use now than ever before. Today people are hungry for information, but want it fast. So they’d prefer to spend 1-2 minutes watching a video than spending 30 minutes reading some text.

If you haven’t incorporated video in your marketing efforts than it is about time and if you did, you have to be aware of what type of videos are the most effective.

It doesn’t take much to start – your smartphone or a cheap video camera will do just fine but it you want to approach it professionally, you’ll have to invest a bit of money.

Here are the 3 Videos Your Business Must Use:

Company Overview

Your clients and prospects would love to learn about you and your business’s mission statement, overview and even history. This is a unique way to tell a story and invite people to make part of your business.


If you have a product or service that you’re selling you’ll definitely need this one. People love studying and researching anything they can before investing their money and you can take advantage of that easily, simply by providing all of the facts in your Demo Video.


Testimonial videos will give you the social proof that you’re what your future customers need and are looking for before investing any money in your product or service. It gives them a confirmation that they are doing the right thing. This creates a closer connection with clients and also increase interest.

When it comes to video, you should use both professional looking and amateur versions for different purposes. A testimonial or a quick update can be easily shoot with a smartphone and posted on your social media channels. Your demo video or the company overview should be definitely created by professionals – it will give you much more credibility and will position you as an expert in your field.

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