How To Choose The Right Venue and Facilities for Your Event

In the real estate industry, it has been said that the three most important things that matter are location, location, location… In an event, there are three W’s — What, Where, and When. Let’s take cue from the real estate industry’s triple emphasis on the location or where an event will be held. Indeed, failure to secure the right venue and facilities for the event could result in a dismal flop or a mob of irate attendees. Here’s a road map on how to choose the right venue and facilities:

The Venue

Size Matters = Try to find the right mix of expected number of attendees vis-a-vis the venue size. If you’re a concert producer , you should be able to find out if an artist or musician is popular enough to fill a large arena or does his/her music only attract intimate crowds like a bar or mini-theater

Ambience Makes A Difference = For corporate conferences, seminars, and symposiums, you wouldn’t dare hold it in a soccer field, would you? ! It is important to consider the type of event you are holding corresponds to the setting of the venue. The amount and quality of noise, lighting, airconditioning, weather conditions, floor plan layout, interior and exterior designs…these are a number of elements to put into consideration

The Location

Traffic Patterns and Road Access = So near yet so far. This has been always the sentiment of people stuck in horrible traffic. The location may just be in sight, but if traffic jams and problems with road access occur frequently within the area, chances are, your event may not commence as scheduled, or could be a turn-off to your audience. In this light, road conditions, access to public transportation, and safety are also factors to be given due consideration.

As an event manager or organizer, ample amount of training, advice and experience are necessary for you to pinpoint the proper venue and facility to complement your event. Take it from the experts at Evenesis. Every Friday, Yusno Yunos, himself – the man behind the amazing event management system and software called Evenesis, will be conducting a Hands-on Lab. Here are the details:

Time : 3pm / Venue : Meeting Room, Y Us Sdn Bhd / Office 30, Level 1, Resource Centre / Technology Park Malaysia / Lebuhraya Puchong-Sg.Besi / Bukit Jalil 57000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinate : 3.047997 , 101.687307

Item(s) To Bring : Your own laptop/notebook (optionally you could bring your own broadband/dongle for a faster Internet connection)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the ropes of events management and to maximize the use of a tool that provides a complete end-to-end event management solution.

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