Learn How To Revive and Bring Life and Substance to Your Events

Day 1 Opening day of event: A full house! You rejoice at the overwhelming attendance. After the coffee break, you see some vacant seats. You just say to yourself, “hmmm…maybe it just takes then a while to get some coffee..”. However, as the event progresses, people seem to get restless. You could hear their mindless chatter within earshot. Some take restroom breaks one time too often. Some walk out then never come back. And some just sit quietly, you heave a sigh of relief, until you looked again, they’ve dozed off to sleep.

You ask yourself, “what have I done?” You just violated the event commandment: ‘Thou shall not kill your event attendees with boredom’ ! Here are some tips on how to bring life and substance to your events:

USE OF VISUALS – Graphics, videos, actual demonstrations

Have you ever heard the term ‘death by PowerPoint’? Some event managers or presenters load their PowerPoint presentations with way too much text that the audience could hardly read. And to add insult to injury, some just read the text from the PowerPoint presentation and fail to stir-up a discussion. Add life to your PowerPoint presentations by incorporating visuals like graphics and videos clips that illustrate and expound on the topic.


Sitting all day in a seminar or a conference could be an energy draining experience. That’s what coffee breaks are for. Aside from intoxicating them with caffeine to keep them awake, why not give them a blast of energy within the event itself. Incorporate invigorating activities into your presentation. A group discussion, a game, an exercise routine, a song and dance number…you can find ways and means to creatively combine and relate it with the main topic or activity.


If your event is a series or broken down into several days, make sure that your day-to-day line-up activities or topics are not repetitive. If you’ve got a line-up of well-known speakers, don’t schedule all of them in one day. Spread out the anticipation. Make your participants keep coming back for more.

Event managers or organizers feel that they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders when organizing and mounting events. They are often loaded with work yet undermanned. In today’s digital landscape, it is great to have an event management computer software to help you delegate and organize event tasks. Evenesis serves to simplify, automate and deliver your day-to-day event management activities. In the same manner that you take your laptop or tablet computer with you, Evenesis is accessible via your favourite browser 24/7 as long as you are connected to the Internet. Yes, that gives you a dedicated system where you can delegate and manage your event tasks anytime, anywhere. Sign-up now for a free trial.

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