How To Plan and Budget Your Way to A Successful Event

The importance of a working and sufficient budget in an event cannot be overemphasized. But sadly, this is where most event organizers fall short. More often than not, expenses are not really under estimated, but rather, there are a lot of costs that have been overlooked while drafting the budget table. Why are these costs overlooked in the first place? It all boils down to poor planning and management. Budgets are often cut towards the tail end of the event set-up and execution; thereby sacrificing quality and quantity of material and manpower resources.

In a concert event, for instance, due to budget constraints, the number of security assistance personnel was trimmed down. Thus, during the concert event itself, people became restless at the gates due to gatecrashers and people cutting in line. Due to the lack of security personnel, there was not enough manpower to control and manage the crowd, which then led to a stampede. Yes, more often than not, event organizers tend to cut down on the essentials, like manpower. In doing so, the more important things are compromised.

Budgeting is one of the elements in event planning and management where committing a big and major mistake is not an option. In order to avoid this, here are some costly items in event planning and management that should be given utmost consideration:

Speaker Travel Expenses

The best, credible, and most appropriate speakers for your event may not always be available in your locality, city, or sometimes, in your country. Airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses are major costs that should be allocated on your budget plan.

Audio Visual Expenses

This would comprise your sound and speaker/ PA systems, microphones, including laptops and/or computers, LCD projectors, LED screens, wifi or internet connection, and other gadgets or paraphernalia need to give your audience a clear and audible audio visual presentation.

Shipping Charges

Mailing invitations, cost of freight and transportation in transporting equipment from one event location to another, ordering of materials like brochures, premium souvenir / giveaway items — these are some of the shipping charges that you incur.


Cost or design, layout, and printing of handouts, brochures, modules, flyers, and other print paraphernalia should be well allocated for in your budget. These print materials are your participants’ guide or take home resource materials , thus it should be presentable, readable, and well-printed.


As the cliché goes, first impressions count. The facade of your event venue should reflect credibility and professionalism, or it should adhere to the overall theme of the event itself. Decorations like streamers , lights, table ornaments, plants, etc. , enhance the overall atmosphere and ambience of the event itself, it sets the tone or mood of the event. Give your event a ‘wow’ factor. Allocate ample budget for your venue setting.


Providing ample security for an event, especially if the event would draw a multitude of participants, and if excitement and agitation is expected from the crowd, like a sports event or a concert. Budget should be allocated for manpower, perimeter enclosures, barricades, and other security equipment like metal detectors and the like.

These are the event essentials that should be on top of your budget list and compromising quality and reliability in these areas could spell disaster for your event. The key to budgeting is planning. In planning, you need reliable and efficient tool to help you organize your thoughts and your tasks. A computer software called Evenesis is an event management tool perfect for the job. It serves to simplify, automate and deliver your day-to-day event management activities. In the same manner that you take your laptop or tablet computer with you, Evenesis is accessible via your favourite browser 24/7 as long as you are connected to the Internet. Yes, that gives you a dedicated system where you can delegate and manage your event tasks anytime, anywhere. Sign-up now for a free trial.

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