Tips to Increase Registrations and Attendance to Events


Tips to Increase Registrations and Attendance to Your Events

To measure your event success, the numbers of sign-ups and show ups are definitely what you as event planners mostly care. According to Doorkeeper’s statistics from 10,000 events, here are the tips you can apply to increase registrations and attendances to your event.

1. Provide a detailed description of your event

The longer the event description, organizers get greater number of registrations. Because longer description gives comprehensive idea of what your event is all about and shows that you are serious about organizing a great event. Hence, engaging with event website developers like Evenesis to design a comprehensive event website definitely will let your audience know you are serious about the event.

2. Hold your event on Monday

Events held on Monday get the most registrations. Saturday events have the highest turnout even though it gets the least registrations as it is less likely something unexpected will stop people’s attendance.  On the contrary, events held in the middle of the week get the lowest turnout rate because usually people are busy with work or meetings. 3. Charge for your events

People are more serious about attending a paid event other than free event because they pay for it. Prepaid events have the highest actual show-up rate despite prepaid events tend to have lower registration rate than free events. But if you want to ensure the attendance rate, charging your event is not a bad idea. Even an event that collects money at the door earns higher attendance rate than free events.

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