Ticketing Report – New Feature in Evenesis

Ticketing Report - New Feature in Evenesis

Ticketing Report – New Feature in Evenesis

When you are planning an event, monitoring what’s going on with your event and ticket sales allows you to make smarter decisions for a successful event. Check out what’s new with Evenesis – ticketing report. Apply this feature to your next event!

Step 1: Log in your Evenesis account, go to the event that you would like to check its ticketing report.

Step 2: Click the seventh module Report, go to “Ticket Report”. With ticket report, you are able to check how many tickets have been sold and left by each type of ticket. You are able to check the promo code report, amount of money have been collected, and how far you are from your target and so on.

Step 3: To amend your ticket and promo code setting, just go to the second module Microsite to edit anytime you want.

Ticketing report – this new feature helps you better understand your sales, foresee the attendance or re-allocate your marketing target and spend. And we’ve made it real-time updated and easier for you get the detailed reports based on the ticket type, orders, ticket sales in one page.


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 Ticketing Report - New Feature in Evenesis

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