Things To Remember While Planning A Social Campaign

The extent of event management is not limited to organizing parties and weddings rather it stretches to organizing events for humanitarian causes. A lot of event companies and planners help non-governmental organizations to host social campaigns and events. These campaigns are however more challenging to put together. To ease the procedure here are a few dos and don’ts that the event organizers should follow:

1 – Know your client NGO inside out.

To execute a successful event, the thought behind the campaign should be very clear. All the dimensions of the NGO and its working should be known so that the event can be carried out in perfection.

2 – Pre research

Social campaigns can turn unsuccessful very easily if the idea behind the event is not conveyed properly to the audience. The thought behind the campaign should resonate with the people to gather good numbers. This can be ensured by carrying out a pre-research on the issue and get to know what people are thinking.

3 – Hit the right target group

The campaign should cater to the right group of people. The social movement cannot be successful unless the right people are got together to raise an issue.

4 – Communicate well

It is imperative to note that all the team members should be effective in their communication and PR skills. Organizing a campaign entails proper communication between the authorities and the masses for smooth functioning.

5 – Get the logistics right

For a social campaign to take place efficiently, the logistics need to be taken care of. Dealing with great numbers can result into an ultimate chaos unless handled with care. All logistical requirements need be in place in advance.

6 – Security

One of the most important points to remember when planning a campaign is security. The last you want is the police causing problems. Take proper permissions before starting off with any plans

7 – Briefing Session for the staff

It is very important to keep a briefing session with the organizing team to mentally prepare them for any problems during the campaign. They should be equipped to deal with any issues that may arise.

8 – Advertise

Any social movement cannot succeed without the right awareness plan. The event needs to be popularized amongst the people for the masses to turn up for the event. An event which is not marketed properly cannot be successful

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